Name Title Department E-mail Phone
Brian K. Duffy Lead Operating Engineer Facilities bduffy@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x5497
Alison M Duffy Director of Strategic Communications amduffy@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8316656
Stephon Duggins Chartwells Dean of Students saduggins@wpi.edu
Mitchell Dumke Residential Services Assistant Residential Services mdumke@wpi.edu
Jay Dungavath Library Application Engineer Information Technology jndungavath@wpi.edu
Paige Dunn Asst Dir of Recr & Admissions pcdunn@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8314805
Jeffrey J Duquette Affiliate Research Associate Humanities & Arts jjduquette@wpi.edu
Name Title Department E-mail Phone
James Eakin Operations Manager-Technical Paraprofessional Research Solutions Institute jeakin@wpi.edu
Michael Joseph Eaton Rowing-M Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics mjeaton@wpi.edu
Roghaiyeh Ebrahimi Kalan Affiliate Research Scientist Chemistry & Biochemistry rebrahimikalan@wpi.edu
Jonathan Eck Manager, Enterprise Systems Information Technology jeck@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x6395
Lisa Eckelbecker Research Communicator leckelbecker@wpi.edu
Meredith Waters Eddy Camp Counselor-Soccer Camp Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics mweddy@wpi.edu
Barbara C. Edilberti Administrative Assistant VI Mechanical Engineering edilbert@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x5026
Toby-Lian Edovas Tennis Coach Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics tedovas@wpi.edu
Emmanuel Effah International Non-degree Graduate Student Civil & Environmental Engineering eeffah@wpi.edu
Charles RUSTY Eggen Associate Athletic Director Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics rusty@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x5328
Denise A. Ehnstrom Assoc Director Grad Admissions Graduate Admissions denise@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x5301
John Peter Eismeier Systems Engineer II Information Technology jpeismeier@wpi.edu +1, (508), 7353640
Nneka Blessing Ekwe International Non-degree Graduate Student Civil & Environmental Engineering nbekwe@wpi.edu
Mostafa El Gamal Adjunct Teaching Professor melgamal@wpi.edu
Monica Ellis Director of Annual Giving Advancement mellis@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8314836
Ryan Scott Emberling ASSISTments Consultant Computer Science rsemberling@wpi.edu
Marion H Emmert Researcher, Chemistry & Biochemistry Chemistry & Biochemistry mhemmert@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x4115
Charity Enimil Financial Aid Couns/Loan Spec Student Aid & Financial Literacy cenimil@wpi.edu
Ashley Epley Contingent Worker aepley@wpi.edu
Adam Epstein Director of Undergraduate Enrollment Services Undergraduate Admissions epsteada@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x5286
Sonia Escamilla Temporary Summer Grad Intern Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs sjimenezescamill@wpi.edu
Charmaine Espinosa Contingent Worker Bioengineering Institute charmaine.espino@wpi.edu
Pamela Espinoza WRAMP High School Mentee Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs pespinoza@wpi.edu
James Estrella Senior Talent and Human Resources Partner Human Resources jestrella@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8314645
Rebecca K. Evanoff Administrative Assistant V Chemistry & Biochemistry revanoff@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x4913
Jessica Mary Evans Camp Counselor-Softball Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics jmevans@wpi.edu
Name Title Department E-mail Phone
Amy Fabiano Associate General Counsel afabiano@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8314664
Timothy Farina Coaches-Seasonal Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics tfarina@wpi.edu
Sarah A Farley PE Instructor Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics safarley@wpi.edu
Hamed Farmahini Farahani Affiliate Research Scientist Fire Protection Engineering hfarmahinifaraha@wpi.edu
Dawn Fusaro Farmer Administrative Assistant dfarmer@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315547
Chad Farrell Printing Svcs Supervisor Printing Services cfarrell@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315571, x5571
Mya Faulkner WRAMP High School Mentee Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs mfaulkner2@wpi.edu
Nancy Anne Fay Operations Manager nafay@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x6365
Shannon Feeley Coaches-Seasonal Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics scfeeley@wpi.edu
Andrew Benjamin Feland Temporary Filing Staff abfeland@wpi.edu
Scott Asher Feldman Contingent Worker Dean of Students safeldman@wpi.edu
Mingyu Feng Contingent Worker Computer Science mfeng4@wpi.edu
Lynne Feraco Exec Director, Planned Giving Advancement lferaco@wpi.edu
Marty P Ferguson Contingent Worker mpferguson@wpi.edu
Jillian Ferguson Director of Marketing jferguson@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x5177
Anthony S. Fernandes Mail Services Courier/Ops Coor Mail Services asf@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x5683
Gina F Ferraro Senior Executive Administrator Human Resources ginaferraro@wpi.edu +1, (508), 8315000, x4668