Women’s Impact Network

WPI alumnae, faculty, staff, students and friends associated with WPI know the value of the hands-on, project-based education delivered at WPI. You’ve seen first-hand how a WPI education can make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities, how it has impacted the lives of your friends, family members and co-workers, or how it has impacted you, specifically.  

WIN is a women-led philanthropic organization committed to the continuous advancement of women in STEM across WPI's local and global community.

WIN by the Numbers
red blocks highlighting numbers for the Women's Impact Network

The WPI Women’s Impact Network empowers women to come together as a collective, significant force to support WPI’s impact around the globe. A gift to WPI is an investment in the future, and the Women’s Impact Network provides unique ways for women to share imagination, inspire innovation, and lead with purpose. 



By donating to a “pooled fund” women multiply their philanthropic power and with your gift to WIN, leadership philanthropic opportunities are available to you at these recommended donor giving levels: 

  • All gift amounts 

    • Provides an opportunity for input on WIN grant priorities and to receive updates on WIN impacts and the Impact Grant process. In addition, all donors are invited to the grant award ceremony and any additional informational events scheduled throughout the year.  
  • $1000+ annual gift  
    • Provides an invitation to WIN annual strategic planning event (usually a weekend in the fall) where they may provide input on WIN objectives and contribute to discussions about WIN goals, impact and operations.  
  • $2500+ annual gift 
    • Provides an invitation to serve on the Engagement and/or Impact Committees.  Note that if a donor at this level is named as chair of the Engagement or Impact committees, she will be offered an honorary spot on the Executive Committee during the time she serves as a chair.  
  • $10,000+ annual gift 
    • Provides an invitation to serve on the Executive Committee to help drive the strategic direction and operational excellence of WIN.  
  • To encourage engagement amongst WPI’s recent alumni, donors in the following categories are invited to participate at the level of a $2500+ annual donation as documented above. 
    • Graduates 0 to 4 years after graduation: $100 
    • Graduates 5 to 9 years after graduation: $500 
    • Graduates 10 to 14 years after graduation: $1,000 

No matter your giving level, being part of the Women’s Impact Network provides all women affiliated with WPI the opportunities to grow as leaders, to give back in a meaningful way, and to make a positive difference at WPI and around the world. You’ll also be forging a path for future alumnae and women leaders at WPI through your support of funded programs. 
Make your gift today and continue leading with purpose!  

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