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Provost's MQP Awards

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These awards offer recognition to those students who have completed outstanding Major Qualifying Projects (MQPs) as a demonstration of their competency in a chosen academic discipline. Each academic department conducts its own competition to select the winners. In 2016, nearly 50 students were recognized for their innovation and achievements in WPI’s project-based learning curriculum.



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2021 Elizabeth Butler Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

The Research and Development of an Equine Endotracheal Y-Piece Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (EETYPEEP) Valve

2021 Mia Buccowich, Andrew Strauss Undergraduate Robotics Engineering

Partial Hand Prosthetic

2016 Catherine Bonner, Jeremiah Campanelli Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences

Pricing of XVA for Options in Discrete Time

Advisors: Stephan Sturm, Gu Wang

2016 Amanda Adkins, William Barnard, Matthew Beardsley, Charles Frick, Samantha Swartz Undergraduate Robotics Engineering

"Wearable Action Guidance System"

Advisors: Michael Gennert, Fred Looft, Hugh Lauer

2009 Daniel Asselin, David Beavers, Stephan Jakubowski Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering

"Investigation of Plasma Charging Effects"

Advisor: John Blandino

2009 Christopher M. Drouin Undergraduate Computer Science

"The Mindful Reader: Learning- Augmented News Aggregation"

Advisor: David C. Brown

2008 Christina Ernst Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology

"Structure/Function Studies of kekkon5, a Putative Novel Component of the Cellular Adhesion Machinery"

Advisor: Joseph Duffy

2008 Belin Beyoglu, Martin Ivanonv Undergraduate Social Science & Policy Studies

"Technical Analysis of CAN SLIM Stocks"

Advisor: Michael Radzicki

2007 Colin DeGraf, Keeley Stevens Undergraduate Physics

"Lateral Force Calibration for Probe Microscopy"

Advisor: Nancy Burnham

2018 Colby Johnson Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Design and Synthesis of Zika Virus Protease Inhibitors."
Advisor:  Drew Brodeur

2019 Hammad Sadiq Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology

"Transcriptional Regulation of Non-coding RNAs by Retinoblastoma Tumor Suppressor Protein."
Advisor:  Amity Manning

2020 Kate Olguin, Thomas Tawadros, Mikel Matticoli, Diana Kumykova Undergraduate Interactive Media & Game Development

Call of Karen

2021 Kweku Sam Colecraft Undergraduate Chemical Engineering

MOF-5 Cap and Guest Interplay

2021 Yvonne Niebuhr Undergraduate Social Science & Policy Studies

Improving Oral Contraceptives: Encouraging Research into Oral Contraceptives and Their Side Effects

2016 Jared Kepron, Abigail Cervelloni, Ian Limon, Christian Zelaya Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering

Design and Test of a Radio-Frequency Electrothermal THruster

Advisor: John Blandino

2016 Jacqueline Ngo Undergraduate Social Science & Policy Studies

"Durable Technologies for Producing Public Goods"

Advisor: Alex Smith 

2009 Shreelekha Mandal Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology

"Functional Specificity of Lipid Elongases in Development"

Advisor: Joseph Duffy

2009 Allison P. Smyth Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

"Drag-Aid MK, Race Car Crash Detection"

Advisor: Stephen J. Bitar

2008 Lisa Marie DiTroia, Heather Hassett, Justine Roberts Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

"Microthreads for Stem Cell Delivery in Cardiac Applications"

Advisors: Glenn Gaudette, Marsha Rolle

2007 Rachel Berg, Matthew Clark Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering

"Analysis of an Onboard Infrared Camera Assembly"

Advisor: Nikos Gatsonis

2007 Stephanie LeGare Undergraduate Professional Writing

"Drawing Back the Curtains: Finding New Ways to Assess and Improve Tutoring Services in the Writing Center at WPI"

Advisor: Lorraine Higgins

2018 Tristan Cano Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Copper Homeostasis is Important for Pathogenesis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Caenorhabditis elegans."
Advisor:  José Argüello

2019 Haylea Northcott, Amanda Moulaison Undergraduate Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

"Pubmed AuthorMap: A study of Research Collaboration in the Life Science Fields."
Advisors:  Liz Ryder and Dimitry Korkin

2020 Olivia Gulezian, Evan LeBeau, Ken Snoddy, Ilana Zeldin Undergraduate

Developing Patient-Centered Mobile Application for Understanding Fatigue in Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)

2021 Jocelyn Mendes Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

Interfacial States, Energetics, and Passivation of Large-Grain and Thin-Film Antifluorite Cesium Titanium Bromide

2021 Connor Anderson, Achu Balasubramanian, Henry Poskanzer Winner Undergraduate Computer Science

Studying and Visualizing Contagion on Graphs

2016 Allyson Smith, Yun Jae Sohn Undergraduate Architectural Engineering

"Building Energy Analysis of SGH Office in Waltham, Mass."

Advisor: Steven Van Dessel

2016 Jonathan Leitschuh, Thomas Clark Undergraduate Computer Science

"GRIP: Graphically Represented Image Processing (Engine)"

Advisors: Brad Miller, Michael Gennert

2009 Meghan Pasquali, Nicholas Pelletier, Jennifer Richards, Jonathan Shoemaker Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

"Development of a New System to Treat Hip Dislocation in Canines"

Advisor: Glenn Gaudette

2009 Tahsin Hassan, Vasil K. Savov, Alihusain Y. Sirohiwala Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

"An Interactive Application Demo for the AD8295"

Advisor: John McNeil

2008 Denise Gleason, Kristoffer Jensen, Garima Painuly Undergraduate Chemical Engineering

"Proton Exchange Membranes and Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Enhanced Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Performance"

Advisor: Ravindra Datta

2007 Donna Davidson Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology

"Inhibition of HIV—1 Tat—Induced Inflammation by the NF—kB Subunit RelB"

Advisor: David Adams

2017 Tyler Chaulk, Rodrigo Rivas, Ann Votta, Jacob Wennersten Undergraduate Mechanical & Materials Engineering

"Humanoid Stereoscopic Vision System."
Advisors:  Cagdas Onal, Holly Ault

2018 Siddhant Pandey Undergraduate Physics

"High Accuracy Electrodynamic Calculations using Hermite Finite Elements."
Advisor: L. R. Ram-Mohan

2019 Julia Dunn, Lauren Guertin, Madison Michaud Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

"Design of a Wearable Sensor System for Prevention of Fatigue Induced Injuries in Baseball Pitching."
Advisors: Karen Troy, Dr. David Magit (UMMS/WPI)

2020 Petra Kumi Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences

Anomaly Detection in Time Series Brain Data Generated by Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

2021 Sarah E. Kwatinetz , Maggie A. Ostwald, Lily C. Spicer Undergraduate Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering

Northern Strand Community Trail On-Road Extension