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Provost's MQP Awards

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These awards offer recognition to those students who have completed outstanding Major Qualifying Projects (MQPs) as a demonstration of their competency in a chosen academic discipline. Each academic department conducts its own competition to select the winners. In 2016, nearly 50 students were recognized for their innovation and achievements in WPI’s project-based learning curriculum.



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2016 Dennis Giaya, Rebecca Stolarczyk Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

"System for Continuous Postoperative Monitoring in Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer"

Advisors: Yitzhak Mendelson, Raymond Dunn (UMMS), Samandar Dowlatshahi (UMMS)

2016 Kelsey Brofford, John DeVries, Luis Pernia-Rovayo, Sebastian Vergara Undergraduate

"Process Improvement of Roller Housing Assembly at Siemens"

Advisor: Walter Towner

2009 Alisha Begin, Stepen Shin Undergraduate Chemical Engineering

"Adsorption of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether Using ZSM-5"

Advisors: Robert Thompson, John Bergendahl

2009 Daniel Tennant, Julia Berg, Joseph Strong Undergraduate Interactive Media & Game Development


Advisor: Robert W. Lindeman

2008 Chelsea Bierkan, Courtney Rheault, Katharine Woodman Undergraduate Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering

"Adaptive Reuse Plan for the Worcester County Courthouse"

Advisor: Leonard ALbano

2007 Kerri George (Biochemistry) Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

"The Effects of Ajulemic Acid on Osteoclast Differentiation"

Advisor: Jill Rulfs

2017 Christopher Pierce Undergraduate Physics

"Removal of Accidental Degeneracy in Cubic Quantum Dots."
Advisor: L. Ramdas Ram-Mohan

2018 Virginia Nunez Undergraduate Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

"Examination pf a Putative Cu+ Importer in Pseudomonas aeruginosa."
Advisor:  Jose Arguello

2020 Catherine Sherman Undergraduate Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Moss Fungal Interactions

2020 Brent Rolfes, Daniel Shrives, Thomas Vose Undergraduate Robotics Engineering

Robotic Water Monitoring

2021 Emma E. Burleson, Annemarie N. Eastwood, Lauren O. Mitchell, Molly W. Youngs Undergraduate Environmental Engineering

Acid Leachate Active Treatment Pilot System for Cooledge Brook, MA

2016 Elizabeth Thompson Undergraduate Humanities & Arts

"What's Bugging Me About Literary Translation: Translating German to English"

Advisor: Ulrike Brisson

2016 George Kuegler, Gianna Terravecchia Undergraduate Chemical Engineering

"Electrode Development of a Lactate Biosensor"

Advisor: Susan Zhou

2015 Jose Andrade, Austin Holliday, William Michalski, Juan Hernan Parra, Veronica Rivero Gorrin Undergraduate Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering

"Growing Power Vertical Farm"

Advisors: Leonard Albano, Leffi Cewe-Malloy

2009 David Munger Undergraduate Chemical Engineering

"The Use of Photoresist Derived Carbon as Microelectrodes for Genetic Assays"

Advisor: Susan Zhou

2009 Elisabeth Beinke, Keilin Bickar, Joshua Doyle, Alexander Schwartz Undergraduate Interactive Media & Game Development

"Memory Dash - a Multiplayer iPhone Game"

Advisor: David Finkel

2008 Neal Orman Undergraduate Computer Science

"GPU Optimization of an Existing Free-Viewpoint Video System"

Advisor: Robert Lindeman

2007 Todor Kiryazov, Gregory McHale, Daniel Mezynski, Phillip Sweeney Undergraduate Computer Science

"ComputerWorld Survey System"

Advisors: David Brown, Diane Strong

2017 Natalie Wellen Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences

"Modeling Over the Counter Derivative Trading with and without Central Clearing Parties."
Advisor: Stephan Sturm

2018 Abigail Hanson, Joshua Mace, Frederick Metters, Nicole Sherlock Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

"Design of a Topical Antimicrobial Peptide Delivery Vehicle for the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris."
Advisor: Marsha Rolle

2020 Urmila Mallick Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology

Social Integration: Feasibility of Free-Ranging Dogs for Animal: Welfare, Public Health, and Conservation Benefits.

2020 Samantha Lor, Megan Olson, Hannah Goddard, and Laura Boccio Undergraduate Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering

Wildlife Crossing Development for Highway 1 in Batipa, Panama

2021 Olivia Lattanzi Undergraduate Humanities & Arts

Putting the “Other” Center Stage: Examining Modern Language and Nuances of Representation within Theatre

2015 Angelia Giannone Undergraduate
2016 Mario Alvarado Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Developing Fluorescent Aminoazobenzene Metal-Organic Frameworks"

Advisor: Shawn Burdette

2015 Zachary Arnold, Danielle LeRose Undergraduate Computer Science

"Smartphone Gait Inference"

Advisors: Emmanuel Agu, Joseph Petruccelli

2009 Daniel W. Carney Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Singlet Oxygen Trapping Porphyrins"

Advisor: Robert E. Connors

2009 Samantha G. McGill Undergraduate Manufacturing Engineering

"Market and Business Analysis of Microthreads"

Advisors: Helen Vassallo, George Pins

2008 Briana Morey, Ravi Vasudevan Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

"100W Class D Audio Amplifier"

Advisors: John McNeil, Andrew Klein

2007 Jeffrey Pelligrino, John Scimone, Kaushal Shrestha Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

"AMISR RF Amplifier Test Station"

Advisor: John Orr

2017 Siro Fritzmann, Elizabeth Hansen, Amber Munderville, Michael Sullivan, Tyler Turchiarelli Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences

"Projecting the Ultimate Loss of Catastrophic Events."
Advisors: Jon Abraham, Barry Posterro

2018 Katharine Dunphy, Sophia Gomarlo, Katherine Moore Undergraduate

"Analyzing Fast-Track Effectiveness at ReadyMED Plus Worcester."
Advisor:  Renata Konrad
Sponsor:  Reliant Medical Group


2020 Matthew Liberacki, James Junker, Olivia Wisniewski, Brianna Owen Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering

Patellofemoral Unloader Knee Brace

2020 Stephanie Salerno and Jacquelyn Valsamis Undergraduate Environmental Engineering

An Environmental Analysis of Recreational Cannabis Cultivation and Processing

2021 Jacob Borges, Jihan Nabahani, John Tanny Undergraduate Industrial Engineering

Predictive Analytics at Connecticut Children's Center

2015 Christopher Hango Undergraduate Humanities & Arts

"The Five Stages of Grief: A Composition and Performance for Brass Ensemble"

Advisor: Douglas Weeks

2016 Zachary Harmony, Erin Murphy, Jillian Proulx, Jeremy Soderholm Undergraduate Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering

"Gateway Student Center"

Advisors: Leonard Albano, Leffi Cewe-Molloy, Kenneth Elovitz

2015 Michael Derryberry, Jermiah McCarthy Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

"FPGA Real-Time Stoplight Detection"

Advisor: Xinming Huang

2009 Jessie A. Brasefield, Douglas K. Tischer Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

"Exploring Apoptin's Anti-Cancer Ability:  Uncoupling Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling and Multimerization"

2009 Matthew Dailey, Ilan Shomorony Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences

"Physically Unclonable Functions"

Advisors: William Martin, Berk Sunar

2008 Jorge Alejandro, Muzhtaba Islam, Thomas Niemczycki Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

"Automation of a Telescope Imaging System"

Advisor: John Orr

2007 Brian Foley, Sean Hallinan, Hans Jensen Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

"Non—Invasive Metal Detection"

Advisors: Stephen Bitar, Reinhold Ludwig, Sergey Makarov

2017 Jeffrey Letourneau Undergraduate Biology & Biotechnology

"The Role of C. albicans Secreted Aspartyl Proteases (SAPS) in Phagocyte Recognition via Pathogen."
Advisor:  Reeta Rao

2018 Jordan Burklund, Hans Johnson, Travis Norris, Liam Shanahan Undergraduate Robotics Engineering

"SailBot 2017-18."
Advisors: Prof. Kenneth Stafford, William Michalson

2020 James Andon, Katherine Vasconcelos Undergraduate Chemistry & Biochemistry

BaNCE: A Simplified Model for in vivo Non-Continuous Evolution

2020 Adam Collins, William Kopellas, David Simpson Undergraduate Architectural Engineering

Analyzing the Built Environment and Human Behavior through the Creation of an Immersive Space

2021 Christian Adler, Raymond Dolan, Elizabeth Kirschner, Henry Stadolnik Undergraduate Interactive Media & Game Development

Magnet Suit Game/Factory Reset

2015 Daniel Gendin Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences

"Mathematical Model of Laminate Materials"

Advisor: Burt Tilley

2016 Karen Fitch, Kathy Gillis, Abby Harrison Undergraduate Electrical & Computer Engineering

"Digital Programmable Gaussian Noise Generator"

Advisor: Edward Clancy

2015 Melissa Dery, Kyle Gerlack, Zachery Johnson, Maya Rhinehard Undergraduate Environmental Engineering

"Optimizing CoMag System Operations: Billerica, Mass., Wastewater Treatment Plant"

Advisors: John Bergendahl, Jeanine Plummer