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Welcome to the new (interim) KH202!

During A and B Terms 2021, while the Kaven renovation is being completed, Studio@Gordon will be the new home of the KH202 computer lab, with 24+ computers and a printer available. For more information about available software in the lab, visit this site on the Hub.

A regular schedule of classes will be posted near the entrance to the KH202 lab, directly opposite the elevator on the Ground Floor.  A Term courses scheduled in this space are:

  • Tuesday 3-5pm - IMGD 1001
  • Wednesday 8-10 am - MA 2611
  • Wednesday 12-4 pm - CS 1102
  • Friday 3-5 pm - IMGD 1001

When no classes are in session, the lab will be open for use by any student.

We expect to return Studio@Gordon to open study space in C Term 2022.

How to Reserve Studio @ Gordon

Reservations for Studio@Gordon will not be possible during A & B Terms 2021. Please return here in C Term to make reservations.

Equipment Available in Studio@Gordon  

Please note that the equipment and furniture described below will not be available during A and B Terms 2021.  Please return in C Term to use these regular Studio @ Gordon features.

Studio @ Gordon is designed to support a variety of learning styles and activities. While small groups may use the flexible furniture, white boards, and supplies at any time, the space may be reserved for groups of up to 50 and set up in advance to provide an environment suitable for a wide range of event types. The space is equipped with:

  • Work tables of various heights and sizes
  • Seating of various designs, from office chairs to soft seating
  • Team building and ideation supplies such as tinker toys, crafting, and office supplies
  • Network ports as well as wireless coverage for the entire space
  • Whiteboards with markers and erasers

The following additional equipment may be checked out separately for up to three hours at the Information Desk:

  • Network cables ($15 replacement charge each)
  • HDMI cables ($40 replacement charge each)  
  • Webcam and microphone

Policies and Procedures

Please note that the policies described below will resume in C Term.

WPI faculty and staff may reserve the entire Studio @ Gordon space.

  • Reservations to use Studio @ Gordon during the library’s open hours must be placed 48 hours in advance and are mediated by Gordon Library staff. 
  • Reservations to use Studio @ Gordon during hours that the library is not open must be placed two weeks in advance.
  • Those using Studio @ Gordon may not store or place items in locations that block access to nearby print collections or routes of egress.
  • A projector for the space may be requested at the time the reservation is placed.
  • When Studio @ Gordon is reserved for use, signs will be placed around the space informing library users that there may be additional noise on the Ground Level and that Studio @ Gordon may not be used for small groups during the designated reservation times.
  • Food and drink are normally allowed in this space.
  • For additional information on reserving or using Studio @ Gordon, please contact us at