The New MBA Curriculum at WPI

Contact: WPI Media Relations, 508-831-5616

WORCESTER, Mass.-A newly restructured M.B.A. program that focuses on the management of technology and features a highly integrative curriculum emphasizing leadership, ethics, communications and a global perspective will be implemented this fall at WPI. The (New) M.B.A. Curriculum for the Management of Technology was approved by the faculty in March.

"We hope to be the premier institution to focus on the management of technology," says McRae C. Banks II, head of the Department of Management. "In 1995, the department conducted an analysis of our operations and curricula. We saw a need to restructure our program to meet the needs of our constituents and competitive pressures from other M.B.A. programs. Our survey of students, alumni, industry and faculty determined the appropriate outcomes/skills our M.B.A. graduates need for success. All of that input played a role in the resultant new M.B.A. curriculum."

Banks says that the 49-credit program will focus on teaching students to manage people and resources within technological organizations and will integrate technology into the work environment and focus on the conversion of technology into new products and services.

WPI has offered a high quality general M.B.A. since 1970. "Our applications-oriented program also features a Graduate Qualifying Project (GQP) that provides students with a hands-on, real world opportunity to apply and enhance their classroom experiences," he notes. "This is the first graduate program at WPI to formalize a project component in the degree program, drawing from the university's project-based undergraduate curriculum."

Core courses include Interpersonal and Leadership Skills for Technological Managers, Creating and Implementing Strategy for Technological Organizations, Creating Processes in Technological Organizations, Business Analysis for Technological Managers, and Legal and Ethical Context of Technological Organizations. Concentration areas include MIS, Technology Marketing, Technological Innovation, Operations Management, Management of Technology, and Engineering Management.

For more information about The M.B.A. Program for the Management of Technology, call the Department of Management at 508-831-5218.