Curly has been kidnapped

Contact: WPI Media Relations, 508-831-5616

Curly, the WPI Physics Department's venerable and valued skeleton, was kidnapped last week and is being held for ransom by individuals in the Biology and Biotechnology Department, according to Physics Department Head Thomas Keil. A ransom video was received from the perpetrators shortly after the bone-chilling theft.

"Curly was shaking as he pleaded for his release from captivity," says Keil. "He reminded us that he has been a tradition at our Halloween celebrations for years and said he had no doubt that the brazen and fearless thieves would keep him hung up in their department until after All Hallows Eve unless the ransom was paid." Keil said members of his department were collecting boxes of gingersnaps-the ransom required for Curly's release. "The skeleton snatchers have promised to return Curly in a box unless we meet the ransom demands."

WPI Campus Police Officer John Dylewicz has agreed to be the courier between the two departments and to bring the deed to a snappy conclusion.