New Center is WPI/Industry Partnership

Contact: WPI Media Relations, 508-831-5616

WORCESTER, Mass.- In the New England Center for Analog and Mixed Signal IC Design (NECAMSID) undergraduates and graduate students work side by side on research and projects proposed by a consortium of industry sponsors. John A. McNeill, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, directs the new center, which is supported by founding members Allegro, Analog Devices, EG&G Reticon and Unitrode corporations. NECAMSID, on the third floor of Atwater Kent Laboratories, is a state-of-the-art environment for electrical engineering design-thanks to more than $350,000 provided by the NSF for equipment and research.

NECAMSID's technical focus is on understanding fundamental performance limitations such as speed, power and noise, in real-world application circuits and systems. "Our goal is to educate an engineer who is knowledgeable in all stages of the mixed signal IC design process: design with full CAD support, fabrication, and testing and characterization," says McNeill. "The center is a tremendous enabling resource for students to 'complete the loop' for the entire process-just the way it's done in industry." McNeill adds that other corporations will be invited to join in supporting the new center.

Member companies propose research and project topics; an Industry Advisory Board composed of representatives of these companies will determine which projects will be supported. Members will enjoy numerous benefits, says McNeill, "including close contact with graduating seniors and master's degree students, an increase in the pool of graduates with mixed-signal IC design experience, access to new technologies, participation in leading-edge mixed-signal design research, and networking with other corporate and faculty leaders." For more information, visit http://ece.wpi.edu/analog/center.html.

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