WPI Devoted .8 Million to Summer Renovations

Contact: Arlie Corday WPI Media & Community Relations

WORCESTER, Mass. - The biggest ticket item involved an overhaul and rehabilitation of Morgan Hall, a massive brick building on Institute Road encompassing a residence facility, dining hall, meeting rooms and offices. That job alone cost Worcester Polytechnic Institute $4.1 million. Besides the Morgan renovation, WPI spent another $1.7 million keeping its plant and property in top shape this summer.

"A busy summer," John E. Miller, director of WPI's physical plant, said understatedly in a recent report to President Edward Alton Parrish. "My people did a good job."

Here are a few of the jobs Miller and his people pulled off over the summer:

  • new chemical engineering labs were added to Goddard Hall and Olin Hall.
  • an expanded biochemistry lab improved the Goddard Hall facilities.
  • three new faculty offices were constructed in Stratton Hall; 23 others were refurbished.
  • Classroom renovations (which are still going on) included:
    • two new computer science labs were added in Fuller Laboratories.
    • new air conditioning, paint, furniture, lighting, acoustic treatment and writing surfaces in Salisbury Laboratories' room 11.
    • new projection screen, carpet, painting, ceiling, lighting, furniture, writing surfaces and window treatment improved Kaven Hall, room 204.
    • new projection screen and new drapes for acoustic purposes spruced up Higgins Laboratories' room 114.
    • new furniture and projection screen for Washburn Shops, room 323.

Then there are the peripheral neighborhood properties, often rented to faculty and staff or used as office space. Three of these were repainted and three were reroofed.

The renovation of Morgan Hall is part of a four-year, $14 million project to refurbish and modernize WPI's residence facilities. Similar renovations have been completed on Daniels Hall, with other residence halls to follow.

In all, during the summer of 1999, Miller and his people completed more than 20 major projects and 15 other minor ones.

Who says a university slows down in the summer?