WPI's Director of Physical Education and Athletics Raymond Gilbert To Retire after 15 Years

Steps Down as WPIís Fifth Athletic Director

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Worcester, MA -- January 24, 2002 Raymond R. Gilbert, director of physical education and athletics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) since 1987, will retire at the end of this academic year.

Gilbert came to WPI from Springfield College, where he had served as assistant athletic director, after WPI conducted a nationwide search. He has overseen the growth and expansion of WPIís athletic programs and facilities, including the creation of new varsity sports programs.

"During his 15-year tenure at WPI he has worked hard to develop a multifaceted physical education and athletics program that provides many opportunities for our students to be involved in sports and fitness," said Bernard H. Brown, WPIís vice president for student affairs. At WPI, "Athletics is an integral part of our efforts to graduate well-rounded students, so our emphasis is on healthy competition and participation. About two-thirds of our students take part in varsity athletics, club sports and intramural and recreation programs which is a tribute to Rayís accomplishments."

Gilbert received his bachelorís and masterís degrees from Springfield College, and was on its faculty from 1968 until 1987 when he joined WPI.

"I have enjoyed my tenure as chair of the Department of Physical Education and Athletics at WPI. Administering a variety of programs, including most recently 21 varsity sports, over a 15-year span has provided me with many challenges and rewards. It has been my pleasure, as the University's fifth Director of Athletics, to be associated with dedicated staff who have worked very hard on behalf of our students. I will carry with me memories of watching our student-athletes perform to the best of their abilities while pursuing their rigorous academic programs."

During Ray Gilbertís tenure, the varsity sports program was expanded to include Womenís Soccer and Menís and Womenís Rowing. Gilbert was instrumental in WPIís charter membership in the Freedom Football Conference and in the planned move for football to compete in the Upstate Collegiate Athletic Association beginning in the fall of 2003.

Gilbert also facilitated WPIís move from the Constitution Athletic Conference and the New England Womenís 8 Conference to the New England Womenís and Menís Athletic Conference (NEWMAC.) He was involved in the creation of WPIís Fitness Center and in the resurfacing of Alumni Field and Track, an all purpose athletic facility for use by the varsity teams, club sports and recreation.

Gilbert currently serves as the secretary of the NEWMAC Conference and has served as a member of the Executive Committee of the New England College Athletic Conference. He was president of that group from 1993-1994, and served as president of the New England Womenís and Menís Athletic Conference from 1997-1999.

In 1991 he was appointed to the Executive Committee of the New England College Athletic Conference, where he served a three-year term. He was also named chairperson of the Division III menís athlete of the year committee, which selects the New England male athlete of the year.

WPIís athletic program includes 21 Division III varsity sports, an intramural and club sport program, and a health, wellness and recreation center. The University will conduct a nationwide search immediately to fill the position.

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