Fact and Fiction in "The Da Vinci Code" to Be Uncovered by WPI Faculty

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE/September 27, 2004
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Millions of readers are asking themselves what is fact and what is fiction in The Da Vinci Code. A panel of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) experts will set the record straight in a topical panel presentation on the controversial best seller. Audience participation will be strongly encouraged with lots of time available for the attendees to ask their own questions about The Da Vinci Code to the panel.

The head of WPIis Department of Humanities and Arts, Patrick J. Quinn, will moderate the panel on three areas of the book:

  • Secret Societies and Freemasonry - Steven C. Bullock, WPI professor of history
  • The Art of Leonardo da Vinci - M. David Samson, WPI associate professor of art history
  • The Roman Catholic Church - Thomas A. Shannon, WPI professor of religion and social ethics

The Book:

Dan Brown's best seller The Da Vinci Code follows a murder in the silent after-hours halls of the Louvre museum that reveals a sinister plot to uncover a secret that has been protected by a clandestine society since the days of Christ. The victim is a high-ranking agent of this ancient society who, in the moments before his death, manages to leave gruesome clues at the scene that only his granddaughter, noted cryptographer Sophie Neveu, and Robert Langdon, a famed symbologist, can untangle.


Tuesday, October 5, 2004
4:30 - 6 p.m.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Perreault Hall in Fuller Laboratories
100 Institute Road
Worcester, Mass.



More Info:

For more information, call 508-831-5706, or e-mail kwynn@wpi.edu.