WPI Bioengineering Institute Develops Program to Meet Medical Device Industry’s Demand for Qualified Employees

Fall Certificate Program Taught at Waltham Campus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE/September 17, 2004
Contact: WPI Media Relations, +1-508-831-5706

WALTHAM, Mass. - The Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Bioengineering Institute announces the development of a new 11-week, evening educational program designed to help working professionals learn about the medical device industry. Developed in cooperation with the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC), the Medical Device Management Certificate Program features industry experts addressing such topics as product development, FDA regulations, patenting, financing strategies, marketing, and more.

The program is a series of 11 nighttime lectures tailored for professionals starting out or advancing a career in the medical device industry. It will be offered at WPI’s Waltham Campus on Thursday evenings, beginning September 30, and ending December 16. Participants will gain an understanding of

  • medical device product development processes
  • managing medical device intellectual property
  • successful medical device design and manufacturing
  • marketing medical device products
  • avoiding pitfalls through an understanding of quality and regulatory issues

"The medical device industry is one of the few industries experiencing double-digit growth during these unsettled economic times," says Timothy R. Gerrity, Ph.D., director of the WPI Bioengineering Institute. "Massachusetts is a leader in the development and manufacture of medical devices and, as such, companies are attracted and create a high demand for knowledgeable, trained professionals to help the industry grow even further."

Thomas J. Sommer, president of program partner MassMEDIC, agrees with Gerrity. "Massachusetts has the finest scientific and technological schools in the country, such as WPI. As a result, the state attracts companies and institutions in the forefront of technological innovation. They, in turn, require professionals capable of addressing the sophisticated issues facing companies in the medical technology field."

To address this growing demand, the WPI Bioengineering Institute teamed up with MassMEDIC to develop a curriculum specifically designed for professionals already in the workforce who are looking to either move into the medical device field or advance their current careers.

"We designed the course of study for a wide range of working professionals, including engineers, accountants, attorneys, scientists and researchers, marketers, and others needed to design, develop, manufacture, and sell the medical devices of tomorrow," notes Arlene Lowenstein, WPI’s dean of special academic programs. "This program will enable them to gain a solid understanding of the industry if they are looking to further their existing career, start a new one, or even launch a new company in the medical device industry."

To register for the Medical Device Management Certificate Program and for more information, call Elizabeth Stepien at 508-831-0926. Qualified enrollees will be eligible for a 50% tuition reimbursement through the Massachusetts MEP Innovation Program.

About MassMEDIC

The Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC) was established in 1996 by medical device company executives interested in promoting the unique interests of the Bay State’s vibrant medical technology sector. MassMEDIC now has over 300 members -- manufacturers, product developers, suppliers, research institutions and academic health centers. It advocates industry positions at the federal and state government levels, and conducts numerous informational seminars, conferences, and issue briefings aimed at bringing the region’s medical device community the latest and best information on policies and trends impacting the sector.

About the WPI Bioengineering Institute

The WPI Bioengineering Institute was created in 2002 to promote job creation and economic vitality by facilitating conversion of research discoveries into new products and new companies; to conduct research and development, tap the intellectual capital of the region and invoke the innovation process to create high-wage industries in the region.

The institute focuses on applied research, product development, and product realization and will create a network of universities, hospitals, research organizations, and development organizations linked electronically through design studios. It is based at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass., and draws from WPI’s expertise in biosensors, wireless communication, information technology, and database analysis.