Rules of Engagement

Unless noted below, BC will be played by all appropriate FIRST Aerial Assist Rules. While we will not hold formal inspections, we expect all robots to comply with all FIRST criteria for construction and configuration. While we realize that some teams may have modified their 'bots for other post season operations, every attempt should be made to restore the robots to inspection condition for BC. Judges and referees will have the final say on all alleged infractions.

If you are new to the game, you may want to check out this year's game animation courtesy of FIRST.

Changes for BC15

1. Bonus Circle ("BC") End Game Opportunity: Two 12-inch circles marked as a "BC" will be placed evenly-spaced under the truss for each match.

2. Placebo Robot: The placebo robot will be, at a minimum, a driving 2014 FRC compliant robot (i.e. a kit bot).  The staff will be responsible for maintenance during the event although no guarantees on the reliability, functionality, or availability will be provided.  In all cases, the team who calls the placebo robot into action will be required to provide a driver and human player for the placebo robot.   The staff will provide a placebo robot to play for teams who:  Become broken beyond repair or cannot be repaired within a reasonable time during the elimination matches on Sunday.  An alliance may petition the designated event coordinator to use the placebo in place of a broken robot.  The event coordinator will review the condition of the robot and make a determination. 

3. Elimination Alliance Selection:  At the conclusion of the Skirmishes, the top 20 seeded challengers will pick their alliance partners for the Final Challenge rounds. Normal 2014 FRC selection rules will apply for their first picks, the second pick will be via a random draw from the remaining challengers.


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