Action Needed (Students): Complete E-Term Intentions Survey


Dean of Students

​This message was sent to WPI students.

  • If you are working or living on campus this summer, tell us your plans for E-Term at WPI using the MyTechFlex Intentions Survey.
  • If you are living on campus, learn more about summer housing.
  • Students who are not working or studying on campus over the summer will not have access to campus.

WPI is making preparations for the start of E-Term. All undergraduates, graduate students, and PhD candidates who will be working, volunteering, or living on campus this summer must fill out the MyTechFlex Intentions Survey for E-Term by May 16. 

Your answers will help WPI provide you with testing, onboarding instructions, and more. Our goal is to promote a safe, healthy, and productive learning environment. 

Please note that during E-Term, the WPI COVID-19 testing program will be able to accommodate only those students who are living, working, studying, or volunteering on campus. All other students who are not in the testing program will not have access to campus buildings this summer.

Students Currently on Campus for D-Term/Spring Semester

  • Students who plan to work or live on campus during E-Term and are currently on campus for D-Term/Spring Semester are expected to continue routine testing as outlined on their MyTechFlex page to retain access to campus for E-Term. 
  • The testing cadence will change to once per week beginning May 16.
  • Testing will move to Alden Memorial Hall on May 24. Testing will no longer take place at Harrington Auditorium, as of that date.

Students Who Were NOT on Campus for D-Term/Spring Semester

  • Students who were not on campus for D-Term should fill out their MyTechFlex Intentions Survey as soon as possible for a smooth arrival and onboarding experience. 
  • You will be expected to take an initial COVID-19 onboarding test and quarantine until a negative result is received. You will then start routine testing (once per week). See MyTechFlex after completing your Intentions Form for assigned onboard testing dates and routine testing days. Review the WPI Student Code of Conduct and its COVID-19 Addendum. Review the necessary steps for onboarding to the WPI campus for summer.
  • If you need housing, please complete a Summer Housing Application. Move-in instructions will be provided to you once you sign up for housing. If you have questions, please contact Residential Services at

As always, we are grateful for your cooperation as we continue working to promote a safe and productive learning environment this summer. 

Dean of Students Office