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ACTION REQUIRED: Thanksgiving Plans for Students in Residential Housing

Note: This is dated information and may not reflect the current policies in place on campus. Please refer to We Are WPI for the latest information.

October 16, 2020

This message was sent to residential students.

As you learned from President Leshin’s message last week, the university continues to prioritize the safety of the community during the pandemic. Given the risks inherent in travel and holiday celebrations, WPI is giving students a choice to remain on campus for Thanksgiving and the final two weeks of B-Term, or to leave the campus before the holiday and not return until C-Term. We know this is a big decision, and we hope you are giving it careful thought.

Here’s what you need to do:


Tell us your plans for Thanksgiving and the final two weeks of B-Term. This applies to all students who are living in residence halls. To do so, log in to your B-Term intentions survey on the My TechFlex section of the WPI Hub. Your response is due November 12. Remember that your housing and dining contract is binding for the entire academic year; you are financially obligated to this contract regardless of where you choose to do B-Term course work.


If we do not hear by November 12 that you plan to stay on campus for Thanksgiving and the final two weeks of B-Term, we will assume you are leaving and your campus ID card will be deactivated at 9 a.m. November 25.



If you plan to leave the residence halls during or at the end of B-Term, you must:

  1. Consolidate personal belongings that you are leaving in your room until C-Term onto your bed. If possible, pack your belongings in totes or duffle bags. This will streamline any move-out process if WPI must move to remote status before the start of C-Term.
  2. Return your residence hall key before you depart, or you will be charged for a lock change. All student room keys will be collected as students leave campus and will be redistributed during a C-Term onboarding and COVID-19 testing process.
  • If you leave during B-Term, return your key to the Express Checkout station in the Founders Hall basement across from the Campus Police window. 
  • If you leave at Thanksgiving or the end of B-Term, you will receive a pre-labeled envelope from your Resident Advisor. Place your key in the envelope and leave it on your desk in your room. 
  • If you have already left campus, mail your key in a PADDED ENVELOPE to: 

WPI Residential Services 
100 Institute Road 
Worcester, MA 01609 

 3. If you are the last person to leave your residence hall room, please complete this checklist.



Get a flu shot. To protect the health of our entire WPI community and to meet a state mandate, all students must receive a flu vaccine by December 1, or a hold will be placed on their WPI account. WPI has arranged a second Flu Clinic October 26-30 to provide an additional 2,500 vaccinations. Signups are available now. You can also check out these nearby options.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll have more information about the return to campus for C-Term. If you have questions, check out these FAQs. You can also contact us at Thank you so much for your attention and cooperation. We are proud of your efforts to keep our community together and make the best of unprecedented challenges.

Residential Services Office