Chairman’s Exemplary Faculty Prize Call for Nominations

January 8, 2020

Chairman’s Exemplary Faculty Prize

Call for Nominations
2020 Award(s)

Donald K. Peterson ’71, former Chair of the WPI Board of Trustees, through his personal philanthropy, created the WPI Chairman’s Exemplary Faculty Prize.   Current WPI Board Chairman, Jack Mollen, has graciously agreed to continue this practice.  Nominations for the AY20 award are now requested.  One prize in the amount of $10,000 will be awarded at WPI’s 2020 Commencement Ceremony.
WPI’s Trustee Awards recognize excellence in particular areas of faculty performance: teaching, research and scholarship, and advising. The purpose of the Chairman’s Prize is to recognize and reward members of the faculty who excel in all relevant areas of faculty performance, the true exemplars of the Institute’s highest aspirations and most important qualities. 
Criteria:  Demonstrated excellence in all areas of faculty performance relevant to the particular nominee.
Eligibility:  Tenured and tenure-track faculty at WPI.  Previous recipients are not eligible.
Nomination Process:   Individuals must be nominated by department heads (no more than one nomination per department), deans, or by the Provost. Nominations, which are to be submitted to the Provost, should consist of: 

  • A letter of nomination of no more than three pages in length, together with 
    • a current curriculum vitae, 
    • the three most recent annual reports, and 
    • at least three external letters of support.
  • Additional letters of support, a citation index for publications where appropriate, recent summaries of student teaching evaluations and other relevant supporting material may accompany the nomination so as to define the high quality of faculty performance at WPI. 

Previous awardees:

2007    Profs. John McNeill and Rick Sisson
2008    Profs. Dave Adams and Alex Emanuel
2009    Prof. Diran Apelian
2010    Prof. Elke Rundensteiner
2011    Prof. Ram Mohan
2012    Prof. Ed Ma
2013    Prof. David Cyganski
2014    Dean Terri Camesano
2015    Prof. Kathi Fisler
2016    Prof. Wes Mott
2017    Prof. Diane Strong
2018    Prof. Ted Clancy
2019      Prof. Sharon Johnson

Students and alumni are welcome to send recommendations and/or supporting materials to the appropriate department head. 

Deadline for Nominations for the 2019-2020 academic year: Friday, January 31, 2020.  Please submit (electronic versions preferred) to Deb Graves ( in the Provost’s Office.