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Changes to Vendor, Visitor, Research and Remote Employee Access Process

October 1, 2020

The CERT team has been working to streamline and improve the way that Vendors, Visitors, Research Collaborators, Research Subjects and Remote Employee Access campus. Effective immediately the process to request access will change as follows:

  • Departments will no longer submit requests on behalf of Vendors, Visitors, Research Collaborators, Research Subjects and Remote Employees. Instead each person that is visiting campus will now fill out a form with the appropriate acknowledgement, and a designated departmental approver will approve the request.
  • For Research Subjects and Research Collaborators, the office of the Vice Provost of Research will approve the request.
  • Once the request is approved, the requestor will receive an email letting them know they are approved to come to campus.
  • Remote employees should contact Campus Police to schedule their visit. All other visitors should contact their department contact for access.
  • Campus Police will also review visitor logs monthly. For remote employees that visit campus more than 2x per month, they will be requested to enter routine COVID testing.
  • Visitors and Vendors Review and sign the Acknowledgment​