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Date Changes for Fall 2021 Registration and Course Publishing

Note: This is dated information and may not reflect the current policies in place on campus. Please refer to We Are WPI for the latest information.

March 26, 2021

This message was sent to all students.

As you saw in President Leshin’s most recent email, we are now planning on a return to in-person learning for Fall 2021.  While we are truly thrilled at the prospect of seeing everyone on campus again, this shift does cause changes in plans for publishing the Fall schedule and for holding registration.

Academic departments and registrar staff are now actively working to rebuild that schedule to reflect the change from TechFlex to in-person, and there are new dates for you to know:

  • April 20:           Fall 2021 detailed course schedule published
  • April 27:           Rising Senior and Graduate student registration begins
  • April 29:           Rising Junior registration begins
  • May 4:             Rising Sophomore registration begins

Note: The switch to Workday means that we no longer have to split the rising classes into two groups!

We truly appreciate your patience as we all navigate both a new system and an evolving situation. To help ensure success, we’ve got some specific training opportunities and requests:

  • Recognizing that this timing shift gives you less time to build your schedule for registration, beginning next week we will offer training opportunities to students within a test system.
  • More information to come, but providing this training in advance of the actual event will allow you more time to familiarize yourselves with such actions as:
    • searching for courses
    • building schedules
    • registering
  • Next week you will receive an email asking you to start logging into Workday to help ensure:
    • Your login works
    • You can access your registration time assignment

Important notes:

  • Workday is NOT in sync with Banner, so you should not worry about missing registrations, outdated majors or other information discrepancies. 
  • We hope to have as many rooms assigned as possible by registration, though we may need to change a course back to online or alter times if we can’t accommodate it in a physical classroom.
  • The first goal is just to register for Fall 2021 – registration/record data from spring and summer will be updated when those semesters are complete.

While we are sorry for the delay in this process, we also can’t think of a better reason for one!

With gratitude,

Art Heinricher                                                 Terri Camesano                      Sarah Miles

Dean of Undergraduate Studies                     Dean of Graduate Studies       University Registrar