Fundamentals of Systems Thinking ES 150X

November 29, 2018

New Course: ES 150X

Fundamentals of Systems Thinking

Looking for an exciting, relevant elective for C-Term? 
Consider ES 150XFundamentals of Systems Thinking


  • Why have our commercial fishing policies wiped out the fishing industry?
  • Why did the Russian submarine Kursk explode and sink?
  • Why did Randy Moss leave the New England Patriots?
  • What caused the rise of ISIS?
  • Why did the wings fall off the Lockheed L-188 Electra Turboprop Airplane, killing 100 passengers?

These are classic examples of failures in Systems Thinking.

In this course, students will study all aspects of systems thinking and use these concepts to improve the performance of complex engineering, business, and social systems. Developing systems thinking skills and understanding these cutting edge concepts will provide you a competitive leadership advantage in both your professional and academic careers, especially in your IQPs and MQPs.

Required Background/Pre-requisites:  None

Offered: C-Term 2018-2019 (January-February 2019)

Distribution Requirements Fulfillment: For Humanities and Arts Majors and Liberal Arts and Engineering Majors the course will count towards the elective distribution requirements; for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Majors the course will count towards the Engineering Science and Design distribution requirement. 

Instructor: Dr. Jamie P. Monat, Systems Engineering Professor of Practice. 

To Register: See your advisor and register online for CRN 21721 under “Engineering Science.”

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