Green Team Announces the Opening of the Completely Rebuilt, Gompei’s Gears Bike Share System.


Gompei's Gears Bike Share

At 12:00 pm Friday, September 1st, WPI's Green Team club will be activating the newly revitalized Gompei’s Gears Bike Share program and opening access to all WPI students, faculty, and staff! Green Team has spent the last 9 months developing this new program and we are thrilled to finally open it to the WPI community. 

We will be celebrating the opening of the new program at RecFest from 4:00-7:00 pm this Friday on the quad where people can come by and experience the new bikes and learn how to use the system. We will also have Green Team members available to help new users register for the program. 

For anyone interested in joining the program who cannot attend RecFest, you can register by following the instructions on the Gompei’s Gears webpage at where you will also find information about system rules. 

PreviewGompeis Gears bikes parked at Salisbury Station

Salisbury Station with 6 of the new bikes