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Important Student Supervisor Information

Note: This is dated information and may not reflect the current policies in place on campus. Please refer to We Are WPI for the latest information.

March 18, 2020

For Student Supervisors Only

As you are aware, students have been told not to return to campus for class or work until notified.  WPI recognizes this is a very difficult situation for students and we want to support them as much as possible during this time.  Students will be paid for all hours scheduled to work for the weeks of March 16th and March 23rd regardless of whether the work is performed.  As this situation evolves, our goal is to ensure that students continue to be paid as we recognize the importance of these funds.   In some cases, it may be possible for students to work remotely; most of this work will be focused on providing on-line support of Academic programs. Supervisors should reach out to students and provide them with guidance regarding with ability to work remotely. ​ 

President Leshin communicated this message in her coronavirus update to the community on Friday afternoon; however, we also would like supervisors to reach out directly to your student workers to inform them of this decision.    

Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants will also continue to be paid.  They will received more information directly from Dean Camesano who will provide additional support and guidance. 

Instructions for Student Worker Time Entry 

  • Students who are assigned remote work: Please follow standard timesheet deadlines and processes by entering your time in Workday.   ​
  • Students who are unable to work remotely, please do the following: We recognize that you may have provided D-Term work schedules to your student employees; at this time we are asking you to disregard those schedules and utilize an average number of hours approach to paying your student employees for non-work for the next two weeks.   
    • For Hourly Students: Supervisors will determine the average number of hours a student would have worked per week and enter that information into a bi-weekly spreadsheet in Workday.  Talent & Inclusion will provide supervisors detailed instructions in a separate email.   ​
      • Deadline to submit spreadsheet for non-work hours from 3/8/2020-3/21/2020 is by noon on Friday 3/20/2020.  ​​
      • Deadline to submit spreadsheet for non-work hours from 3/22/2020- 4/4/2020 is noon on Thursday 4/2/2020. 
    • For Federal Work Study (FWS) Students: Supervisors will provide Talent & Inclusion with the average number of hours each student should be paid for these weeks in order to have the time submitted ​
      • Deadline to submit spreadsheet for non-work hours from 3/8/2020-3/21/2020 is by noon on Friday 3/20/2020.  ​
      • Deadline to submit spreadsheet for non-work hours from 3/22/2020- 4/4/2020 is noon on Thursday 4/2/2020.

Any specific Federal Work Study and Community Service questions should be directed to the Office of Student Aid and Financial Literacy – please email them at

Additional Instructions for Student Supervisors

The instructions below are for all hourly students or FWS that are not performing work remotely

In order to pay hourly or FWS students for hours not worked we need supervisors to enter their student time into a Workday generated spreadsheet and forward this information to Jane Lapierre at

  • Payroll Deadline- Submit spreadsheet for non-work hours from 3/8/2020-3/21/2020 by the end of the day on 3/19/2020. 
  • Payroll Deadline- Submit spreadsheet for non-work hours from 3/22/2020-4/4/2020 by the end of the day on 4/2/2020. 

All non-work hours must be submitted on this spreadsheet, if a student has already entered non-work hours please delete them or work with our team to delete them

Please follow the following steps below to generate the appropriate Workday Student spreadsheet

  1. Enter Workday and click on the cloud and select the home icon.
  2. Select the My Team Worklet  






3. Click on Positions in my Organizations - T&I










4. Enter the effective date of 3/16/20. 

5. Select “My Organization” This should default to the Org you are manager of.  If there are multiple, you will need to do this for all of your JM Supervisory ORGs for students.






Then click OK - This will populate a list of all employees in this supervisory ORG

6. Click on the Excel Icon to load this into an excel format




7. From your excel sheet, please provide the following columns:

B – Employee ID

C – Worker

D – Position

H – Scheduled Hours – change these to actual hours they would have worked 3/16 – 3/20

You should save the file as your supervisory ORG name and send to


Employee ID



Hours for week 3/16-3/20/2020


Student Employee Name

P-2003969 Hourly Student



***Any students listed in this ORG that no longer work for you, please do not list them on the sheet to be paid***

These jobs are being removed and if you want to provide us these names in a separate list that would be helpful.

Questions and More Information

For any specific questions about the above guidance related to Talent & Inclusion please reach out to Jane Lapierre:


If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to Kristan Coffey, Director of Talent & Human Resources, at