Important Update Regarding Federal Vaccine Requirements


Office of the President

This message was sent to the WPI community.

**Please note: The federal government recently changed the deadline mentioned in this announcement.
The new deadline for uploading your vaccination information is January 18, 2022.


Some recent changes to federal vaccination requirements will result in changes to WPI’s own employee vaccine requirements. As a recipient of federal funding, WPI must comply with President Biden’s executive order and guidance from the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force which requires that ALL employees of federal contractors be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Given our high vaccination rates, this change may only impact a relatively small group of employees, but it will require us all to take some important actions by **December 8, 2021:

  • All vaccinated WPI employees must now submit their COVID-19 vaccination documentation by uploading a picture of your vaccination card into Workday on or before **December 8, 2021. 

    • Employees hired after **December 8, 2021 must upload a copy of their vaccination card by their first day of work at WPI.
    • All vaccination information in Workday will be kept confidential and shared only on a need-to-know basis. Documentation is subject to verification, and the submission of false or inaccurate vaccination information will result in disciplinary action.
    • Anyone who lost their COVID-19 vaccination card can request a copy:
      • Even if you were not vaccinated in Massachusetts, please follow these instructions from on how to request a copy.
      • Employees who were vaccinated in Massachusetts can also complete an Immunization Record Request Form from the MA Department of Public Health. (Please note that this process can take up to 2 weeks.)
    • Any employee who fails to provide this documentation in time will be placed on unpaid leave for six weeks; should they fail to come into compliance by the end of this six-week period, they will no longer be eligible to work at WPI.
  • Employees classified as fully remote are now required to be fully vaccinated (i.e., two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and upload their vaccination documentation into Workday by the **December 8 deadline.
    • To find a pharmacy or community vaccination site near you within Massachusetts visit: Outside of Massachusetts, please review information from the state in which you are seeking to get your vaccination.
    • The federal mandate does allow for disability/medical and religious accommodations. WPI’s Division of Talent & Inclusion will receive and review disability/medical and religious accommodation requests and may request additional information. Given the new vaccine deadlines, remote employees seeking an accommodation are urged to submit their requests as soon as possible.
      • Any remote employees seeking a disability/medical or a religious accommodation must complete this form and submit it to the Division of Talent & Inclusion. Please note that requests for disability/medical accommodations also require medical documentation.
      • If an accommodation request is approved, the remote employee and their manager(s) will be notified by Talent & Inclusion and advised of next steps, including additional WPI COVID-19 public health safety measures (e.g., additional mask wearing requirements, additional testing, social distancing, etc.) that may be required to protect the health and safety of the WPI community if the remote employee comes to campus.
    • Any unvaccinated remote employees without an approved vaccination accommodation by the **December 8, 2021 deadline will be placed on unpaid leave for six weeks; should they fail to come into compliance by the end of this six-week period, they will no longer be eligible to work at WPI.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and efforts to protect our community against COVID-19. More than just a requirement, community-wide vaccinations provide critical help to our efforts to protect our entire community, especially those who are at higher risk due to medical issues, who may have decreased immunity to COVID even if they were vaccinated, or who live with higher risk family members not eligible to receive a vaccine due to age or medical conditions.  

Wishing you good health.



Laurie Leshin