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Remote Support Resources for Faculty

Note: This is dated information and may not reflect the current policies in place on campus. Please refer to We Are WPI for the latest information.

March 20, 2020

As you have seen from President Leshin’s email, WPI will move to a remote working and teaching environment starting Tuesday 3/24 at 5PM. To ensure that we have adequate remote support next week, we want to share some additional resources that are available.  

For online teaching, we have the following resources available: 

  • Although our IT team will be working remotely next week, if you have questions or need help, please email us directly at or reach out directly to:

 o    Kate Beverage- 508.831.6012 

o    Jolene Cotnoir- 508.831.5407 

o    Mike Hamilton- 508.831.6422 

o    Sophie Jagannathan- 508.831.6149 

o    Jim Monaco- 508.831.6152 

o    Lindsey Van Gieson- 508.831.6723 

  •  If you’re having an emergency trying to get an on-line session working and need immediate assistance, please text or call Mary Beth Harrity at 774-239-7624.  
  • As always, we have additional information in Canvas that provides suggestions and instructions for how to move your course to an online version using tools such as Canvas, Echo360, and Zoom and have an additional quick reference guide here

With D-Term going completely online and students having no physical access to our computer labs and computing resources, WPI IT has brought the following new resources online. 

1.      Greatly expanded the number of windows terminal servers. Windows terminal servers allow faculty and students to remotely access all our scientific and engineering applications, access all academic and research data shares and many other resources without the need for VPN. These can be accessed any time and from anywhere. For more information please follow the links below. 

    How to connect to the terminal servers using Windows, OSX, or Linux machines. Each article has a link to the list of terminal servers available for WPI public usage. 
    View the physical locations on campus and the remote servers. Each physical and virtual location show the Software Available on (or in) them. Click on Software for additional details about the application. 

2.      Acquired and made available standalone versions of many of our popular applications such as SolidworksLabview, Multisim, ArcGIS, etc. For a complete list please follow the link below 

    View all Software available to WPI faculty, staff, and students. Use “Advanced Filters” to find “Licensed Required” software available “for use on Personal Machines.” Each software entry in the library contains information about the application, it’s availablity on campus and on remote servers. Software available for install on personal machines have a related Install Guide explaining how to install and properly license the application

3.      For students and faculty who need access to applications that are graphically intensive (most IMGD applications, Rivet, etc.), we will be provisioning virtual desktops in the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere without the need for VPN. More information will be coming on this next week.  

4.      If you are teaching a course that relies heavily on applications such as Maple/Comsol/Ansys/Abaqus or others we can provide dedicated resources. 

Note: So that faculty and staff can perform their jobs remotely during these difficult times, we have limited access to VPN to faculty and staff only. There may be exceptions for students who absolutely need it. However, we expect most students should be able to perform their work through terminal servers. We also encourage faculty to share files with students using Canvas or Teams, which eliminates the need for internal network shares.  

If you have any emergency issues or concerns regarding software, please to contact Sia Najafi at 508-340-9114. 

WPI IT is committed to your success and we wish you all a successful start of D term on Wednesday.  

Thank you,
Mary Beth and Sia