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Safety and Security On and Around Campus

Note: This is dated information and may not reflect the current policies in place on campus. Please refer to COVID-19 Resources for the latest information.

September 4, 2020

This message was sent to WPI students.

We’re so excited that students are back on campus to study, partake in activities, and start or rekindle friendships. Please know that your safety and wellbeing is of great importance to us, particularly as we all adjust to a new normal amid the pandemic.

As we do every year, we are sending the following reminders regarding safety and security on and around campus. Although WPI has an excellent safety record and a visible, proactive, and highly professional campus police force, crime and pedestrian accidents do occur. 

  • Add the WPI Campus Police emergency number into your phone: 1-508-831-5555.
  • Sign up for WPI Alerts, the university’s emergency notification system.
  • Be alert at all times and pay attention to where you’re walking. Report any suspicious persons or activities to the WPI Police or Worcester Police.
  • Walk on well-lit streets and avoid walking alone at night if possible. Travel in pairs or groups, which reduces your chance of being a victim of a street crime. If you have to walk alone, let a friend know where you’re going and when you’ll be back.
  • When walking around the campus and surrounding areas:
    • Cross streets at marked crosswalks or traffic lights, not in the middle of the block or between parked cars. Look before crossing, and make sure drivers see you.
    • Cross only when traffic has come to a complete stop.
    • Do not cross once the “Don’t Walk” signal begins to flash or once the light has turned to yellow. 
    • Watch for traffic turning at intersections or entering and leaving driveways.
    • Increase your visibility at night by carrying a flashlight and wearing bright colored clothing or reflective strips when walking.
  • Use WPI’s Shuttle Services (SNAP) operated by Valet Park, with new features that let you request your ride, track the shuttle and stay indoors until your transportation arrives. Download the WPI APP/Transloc APP to start.
  • Know the location of WPI’s emergency ‘blue light” phones on campus and make sure you know how to operate them in an emergency situation.
  • Learn about WPI’s work with area businesses on the Safe Haven Program.
  • Don’t engage in any verbal exchanges with people you don’t know.
  • If you find yourself approached by one or more individuals, do not resist when it comes to giving up your property. Give assailants what they want and let them leave ASAP.
  • While social events are currently discouraged and large parties are prohibited, given the risk of spreading COVID-19, if you are having a small gathering, know the identity of your guests and limit numbers; practice social distancing and wear face coverings. Be sure you are following any state or university guidelines regarding event size.
  • Only attend social events where you know the hosts, and have been invited to attend, and where COVID mitigation practices are in place.
  • For even more safety tips, please visit WPI’s Security Awareness site.


Thank you for working with us to reduce the risk of crime and accidents around the campus. We wish you a successful and safe start to the new academic year. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Campus Police at 508-831-5433 or the Dean of Students Office at 508-831-5201.

Best regards,


Cheryl Martunas                                                         Gregory Snoddy

Director of Public Safety                                            Dean of Students

Chief of Police