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Visitor and Vendor Policy

August 13, 2020

As WPI continues to repopulate the campus, the health and safety of our community remains our top priority. To that end the university’s visitor and vendor policy has been updated. Under the new policy, we are asking departments and offices to continue to engage with external partners, collaborators, and vendors remotely whenever possible and to strictly limit guests. However, we understand that some people may need access to campus for essential services. Essential, in this case, means the visitor or vendor needs to physically access equipment and/or spaces to support services that are critical to WPI’s mission, are essential for WPI’s operational business continuity, or have a direct academic element. Examples of this are consultants, technicians, prospective students, donors, administrative services, and regulatory agencies.

If a visitor and/or vendor is deemed essential by a department, scheduling appointments is strongly encouraged. In addition, all visitors and vendors are required to register through an online form or before accessing or visiting any campus property. The WPI host or point of contact is responsible for sending a link to the registration form and asking the visitor/vendor to complete and submit the form prior to arrival on campus. This required registration process will provide information about our protocol, including our expectations for visitors, for screening visitors, and for gathering contact information.

We are also asking the department or office hosting the guest to log external visitors/vendors into the main campus log.

Full details about the Visitor and Vendor policy and FAQs can be found on the WeAreWPI website. Additional questions may be sent to

We understand this change in policy may require additional work for a department and we thank you for your commitment to help minimize the risk of COVID-19 on our campus.