WPI COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Attestation Form for Phase 2


COVID-19 Resources

Last week President Leshin shared information regarding WPI’s efforts to secure and administer COVID-19 vaccines for our community, and for other higher education institutions in the commonwealth.

Massachusetts has a plan to administer the COVID-19 vaccine in a phased approach, with different people being eligible at different times. The phases were developed by a state-level advisory group using guidance from the CDC.  Phase 2 includes four groups related to age, medical conditions, certain job categories, and other factors.

While we can’t guarantee that we will receive enough doses to vaccinate everyone who is eligible in Phase 2, it is our intent to work hard to make that possible. Hearing from our community about your eligibility and interest in obtaining vaccination through WPI will help us secure the needed doses. We need you to help us make this critical estimate:

  • Please review the state’s plan for Phase 2.
  • If you qualify for vaccination during Phase 2 and wish to receive the vaccine at WPI if/when it becomes available, please complete the attestation form by Monday, February 15 to confirm your eligibility.
  • Important: Submitting the attestation form does not guarantee you will be able to be vaccinated at WPI, nor does it obligate you to receive your vaccination at WPI.
  • Once we have a better idea of when the vaccine will be available to us, we will contact eligible submitters to provide the opportunity to sign up for appointments.

Please Note:  If you have an opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccine elsewhere—for example from your primary care physician or a publicly-available vaccination site—we encourage you to get vaccinated there as soon as possible.  Again, we do not yet know if WPI will be able to provide the vaccine on campus.

To help make our campus community safer, we strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated—the critical next step in managing COVID-19. We will keep our community informed as we learn more about the feasibility of receiving doses and providing vaccinations for Phase 2 and beyond.

Please check WeAreWPI for further information about our COVID-19 response. You can email WeAreWPI@wpi.edu with questions, but please consult the Vaccine FAQs first. Employees with specific medical questions about vaccination should consult with their personal physician; students should contact WPI Health Services.

We will communicate promptly as our plans to vaccinate our community develop further.