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WPI Update: August 16, 2021

Note: This is dated information and may not reflect the current policies in place on campus. Please refer to We Are WPI for the latest information.

August 16, 2021

This message was sent to WPI employees.

Update Your Work Status

As employees begin to formalize schedules with WPI’s new Remote and Flexible Work (FlexWork) Policy, Talent & Inclusion needs employees to record their work status in Workday . (To update your Work Status in Workday, go to Workday, click the Profile icon (cloud/photo) and choose View Profile. In the left navigation bar, click Personal. Under Additional Information, Work Status, click Edit.) Work status helps T&I determine where WPI’s workforce is located and manage COVID-19 testing compliance. 

  • For all regular full- and part-time employees: Your work status is set to an “on campus” default. 
  • If you work fully on campus (with no remote work), you do not need to take any action.
  • If you work off campus (remote) at all or are fully remote, you’ll need to update your work status. 
  • If you are an adjunct/temp/seasonal at any point during FY22, you must enter your work status. Choose “Not Active” to reflect if you are off campus for the term.

Work Status Definitions:

On campus: Working only on campus.

  • My position requires me to work on campus full time. I do not work elsewhere.

Hybrid: Working off campus (remote) at least one day a week.

  • I work at home on Tuesday every week. 
  • I work in another location three days a week.

Fully Remote: Working entirely off campus; may come to campus occasionally. Example:

  • I work at home all the time, but I come to campus once a month.

Adjunct/Temp/Seasonal = Not Active.

  • I am not working for WPI during A-Term.

Testing Requirements per Work Status

Your work status determines your COVID-19 testing cadence. Follow the guidelines below when setting up your testing appointments.

  • On Campus or Hybrid: Test once a week
  • Fully Remote: Test on the days you come to campus (for contact tracing purposes)
  • Not Active: No testing required; campus access not allowed

Remember to Enter Your Vaccination Information

Employees must enter their COVID-19 vaccination status and ensure their contact information is up to date in Workday.

Updated Guidance on Face Coverings 

The university recently released updated guidance on face coverings. Additional details about face coverings are here.



EAP Benefit

As each of us continues to grapple with the impacts of an ongoing pandemic, remember: WPI’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit can help. 

The EAP, offered through New Directions (formerly known as E4 Health or LifeScope), is a free and entirely confidential service that offers the following benefits:

  • Counseling (in-person, online, or by phone)
  • Online coaching
  • Various discounts
  • Health resources, mental health toolkits, and crisis support
  • Legal and financial assistance to employees and members of their households. 
  • COVID-19 resources
  • Live and recorded webinars (examples include “Minimizing Worry to Maximize Your Life,” “Work/Life Goal Setting,” and “Budgeting Basics—The Key to Becoming Financially Healthy”)

Learn more about New Directions online or by calling 800-624-5544. Create your own login or use the general login:

  • Username: WPI
  • Password: guest