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Each fall, as the landscape dazzles with its shifting panorama of light and color, WPI celebrates the dizzying breadth of its arts and science programs and the diversity of interests and innovations that define its arts and sciences community.   

This week-long event offers the community opportunities to engage with each other and examine pressing current topics through open dialogue and participation in the arts, social justice, and humanities. Events typically include faculty lightning talks, art walks, film screenings, and an artist-in-residence. 

A&S students, staff, and faculty are invited explore how deeply personal experiences, intricate scientific discoveries, and myriad artistic platforms and expressions have significant global repercussions.

graphic representing A&S Week with a honeycomb pattern on a blue background

Fall 2021 Arts & Sciences Week

As we begin to see the light through the grief and shutdowns of the past year and a half, the Arts & Sciences Fall 2021 week will focus on the ways the light illuminates the path forwards, new knowledge, and transformation.

cast members standing outside on a stage setting

Every Brilliant Thing Debuts During Arts & Sciences Week 2020

This powerful play examines the broad impacts of depression on families. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the themes of isolation and anxiety were familiar to many. Every Brilliant Thing, staged outside, helped the WPI community come together and reflect.  

Abby Kelley mural

The Arts and Creativity in the Time of COVID

Artists respond to, reflect, and help to produce the world that we live in, and in doing so, provide different ways to understand our own experiences. As part of the 2020 Arts & Sciences Week, faculty, staff, and student artists, working in the visual, literary, and performing arts, participated in the inaugural WPI+Arts event. 

Abby Kelly Foster Mural by Panmela Castro

2019 Artist in Residence Celebrated Abby Kelley Foster

As part of the 2019 Arts & Sciences Week, Brazilian grafiteira and performance artist Panmela Castro painted a stunning mural of social reformer and abolitionist Abby Kelley Foster in the Salisbury Laboratories lounge. Kelly, a Massachusetts native who grew up helping with the family farms in Worcester, is celebrated for her work to promote equal rights for women and for Africans enslaved in the Americas.