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Before the ceremony

Candidates may wish to take photos before line-up at Boynton Hall, on Earle Bridge, at Higgins House, or at the Beech TreeDon't be late for line-up!

Laurie Leshin giving diploma to student
President Laurie Leshin handing diploma to graduating student.

During the ceremony

The area in front and to the side of the stage is reserved for official, badged WPI photographers only. Guests are not permitted in this area and may not stand in the aisles or around the stage area during any part of the ceremony, as this blocks the view of other guests.This will be strictly enforced.

PLEASE NOTE: The best photos will be taken by the company noted immediately below, and they will send a proof to you after the ceremony for your purchasing consideration.

Commencement Photographers Inc. will take a photograph of every graduate receiving his or her diploma. The company will mail proofs and an order form to graduates or their families. For more information about the photo service, you may call Commencement Photographers at +1-978-851-5924.

WPI videotapes and streams live all the ceremonies (Graduate Commencement, ROTC Commissioning, Baccalaureate, and Undergraduate Ceremony) from several vantage points. A complete, high-quality video of each ceremony will be available for downloading within two weeks at

Photos after the ceremony

  • We encourage students to connect with your faculty to arrange a photo earlier in the week, as most students have indicated that commencement day is focused on their family and friends.  
  • The Stage Area: After the procession leaves the Quadrangle, guests will be invited to take photos on or near the stage.
  • Earle Bridge
  • Boynton Hall
  • Higgins House

Auxiliary Viewing Locations:

On Thursday for the Graduate Commencement Ceremony, auxiliary viewing/seating is available in Harrington Auditorium (from 5:00 p.m.). On Saturday for the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony, auxiliary viewing/seating is available in the Rubin Campus Center Odeum Room, Foisie Innovation Studio, Olin 107, Higgins Labs Room 116 and Harrington Auditorium (from 10:00 a.m.).