Line-up & Seating


  • Students report to Harrington Auditorium in regalia as follows: 

    • Graduate Students - Thursday, May 11 from 3:30 – 4:15.

    • Undergraduate Students - Saturday, May 13 from 8:30 – 9:15.

    • All students must wear WPI Commencement Regalia to participate in the ceremonies. 

  • Line-up Instructions:

  • The Processional will step-off at approximately 4:35 pm (Thursday) or 9:25 am (Saturday)
  • Students are placed in Alpha Order, please stay in this order with your processional partner
  • Students who are late for line-up will be placed at the very end of the ceremony
  • Staff will direct you to your row and seat on the Quad
  • When it is time to hand out diplomas, staff will lead you to the stage. Here’s what to know: 
    • We have many of you to get across the stage
    • At the top of the stage, you will hand your name card to a staff member
    • A staff member will send you on your way across the stage before your name is announced – keep going!
    • Your name is announced as you approach the President to receive your diploma
    • The President will hand you the diploma and a photo will be taken as you continue across the stage
    • There is no stopping for a photo. Keep moving
    • After you exit the stage, a green screen photo will be taken and then you return to your seat