Savage Soccer

Savage Soccer began as an IQP (Interactive Qualifying Project) involving robotics and has since grown to include participants from all over.

What started as a challenge for students to modify a radio-controlled car that could direct ping-pong balls into goals has grown into an intense, four-week competition where students have the chance to put their creative and technical skills to the test.

Basically, it’s not your average soccer tournament.

Savage Soccer got its start as a WPI student project in 1995, and has grown into an annual event modeled after the FIRST Robotics Competition. Students work together with their teachers and college mentors to brainstorm, design, and assemble a full-sized robot in just a few short weeks. Its mission? Give high school students the chance to participate in a learning environment different from the typical classroom as they work together through all aspects of the robot design and construction process.

As the event has grown, so has its impact—WPI receives requests schools in and outside New England on how they could bring Savage Soccer to their area. Since then, WPI has ensured that rules, field drawings, and the webcasting and recording of kickoff events are readily available for all.

Visit the Savage Soccer website for more information, and keep your eyes peeled for highlights from this year’s event, which was held on Saturday, November 16.