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Big Data Problems

April 11, 2013

MIchael Stonebraker“Big Data is (at least) Four Different Problems”

 Michael Stonebraker, PhD


Computer Science & Artificial

Intelligence Laboratory


Thursday, April 11, 2013

1:00– 2:00 PM

Higgins Laboratories, 218


“Big Data” means different things to different people. This lecture will break it down into four discrete problems, explain the various approaches to integrating complex analytics, and discuss alternatives. 

About the Speaker:

Dr. Stonebraker has been a pioneer of data base research and technology for more than a quarter of a century. He was a professor of computer science at UC Berkeley for 25 years. More recently, at MIT, he was a co-architect of the Aurora/Borealis stream processing engine, the C-Store column-oriented DBMS, and the H-Store transaction processing engine. Currently, he is working on science-oriented DBMSs, OLTP D BMSs, and scalable data curation. 

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Event Host: Professor Elke Rundensteiner, CS (rundenst@wpi.edu)