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2006 Harold J. Gay Lecture Series: "From Collisionless Shocks to Integrable Systems" by Professor Cathleen Morawetz

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
11:00 am
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Professor Cathleen Morawetz



From Collisionless Shocks to Integrable Systems

Collisionless shocks have been studied twice. First in the 1950s they were proposed as a mechanism for heating up a controlled nuclear fusion machine for creating energy. But their mathematical structure was an open question. Now such a shock has been observed by Voyager 2 in its travels through space. The lecture will first describe how collisionless shocks occur in the solar system .Then we will examine in a simple model what we mean mathematically by a collisionless shock and why its structure is a puzzle. Finally we look at how these investigations led to the study of completely integrable systems of partial differential equations.