2017 Presidents IQP Award Presentations

Friday, February 02, 2018
1:30 pm


2017 Presidents IQP Award Presentations

Rubin Campus Center Odeum


1:30  Opening remarks


1:45 A Citizen Science Platform for Long-Term Monitoring of Microplastic Pollution in Port Phillip Bay

Students: Andrea Bayas, Maura Buckley, Cierra Ford and Javier Lawes   Advisors: Stephen McCauley and William Michalson

2:15  A Recommended Recycling Processing System for the Informal Waste Collectors of Oshakati, Namibia

Students: William Bennett, Emily Chretien, Sophia Gomarlo and Peter Hurley  Advisors: Robert Kinicki and Sarah Wodin-Schwartz

2:45  Improving Eye Care Delivery Through Data Sharing Technology

Students: Alexander Alvarez, Julia Dunn, Katharine Dunphy and Alexander Lemmon  Advisors: Michael Aghajanian and Diran Apelian

3:15  Intermission

3:30  Northborough Composting: A Peri-Urban Land Conflict

Students: Nick Bograd, Brett Carbonneau, Alexander Krasa and Benjamin Preston  Advisors: Corey Denenberg Dehner and Derren Rosbach

4:00  Stormwater Management Educational Materials for Central Massachusetts Municipalities

Students: Alex Legere, Anthony Perullo, Amy Toscano and Justin Waters  Advisors: Corey Denenberg Dehner and Purvi Shah


4:30  Reception and Presentation of the awards - Higgins House Great Hall

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