2018 Family Weekend: Family College Session 2

Saturday, September 22, 2018
11:30 am to 12:20 pm
Floor/Room #: 
Atwater Kent 116/Salisbury Labs 115/Higgins Labs 116

Choose from one of the educational sessions offered.
Feel free to attend with your student.

  • Renewable Energy Using Food Waste ~ Atwater Kent 116
    Michael Timko, Professor
    Managing food supplies, waste, and energy are all gloabal problems with no easy solution, especially as world populations continue to grow toward 8 billion people. At WPI, we have been studying one specific aspect of this problem by evaluating technologies for converting the estimated 20% of food that ends up as waste in an energy dense bio-oil. In a project funded by the Department of Energy, we have teamed up with small businesses to study catalysts that can improve the efficiency of the wast-to-energy process. True to the spirit of WPI, the work is a collaboration between faculty, Ph.D researchers, and undergraduates. A year into the program, it has yielded a peer-reviewed publication and generated regional and national media attention.
  • Monarch, Warriors, Magicians,and Lovers ~  Salisbury Labs 115
    Thomas Balistrieri, Professor
    We live in a complicated world. How do we make sense of our, and our sons and daughters, complex thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? The answers to these questions lay in understanding Jungian Archetypes. Spend an hour with WPI psychology professor Balistrieri as he explains this intriguing way to examin life. Fun and fast paced!
  • Application Programming for Health Support ~  Higgins Labs 116
    Bengisu Tulu, Professor

Health Information technology is enabling new approaches to personal health management. Professor Tulu, a professor of information systems in Foisie Business School, has been working on development mobile and web applications over the past decade to address the needs of patients, physicians, and care givers. Her projects, funded by federal agencies, involve diverse multidisciplinary team members including undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellow and other professors from WPI as well as practicing clinicians and researchers from medical schools and health systems in Worcester and Greater Boston. She will present a selection of projects that address weight management, perinatal depression and clinical shared decision making challenges. You will learn how students get involved with impactful research and integrate it into their rich learning experience at WPI!


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