Axiomatic Design With Prof. Chris Brown

Monday, February 11, 2019
5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Floor/Room #: 
I&E Center, 2nd floor

What is Axiomatic Design, you ask?
Based on a theory that design solutions comply with two axioms – maintaining independence of functional elements and minimizing information content, Axiomatic Design transforms engineering design from an experiential discipline to a science.  Applying these axioms to a problem, the approach involves a series of steps to break down the abstract to the specific of the design problems and parameters, followed by a physical integration of the design problems into a complete solution. Come hear about this proven approach, and how it may affect your next project!

In 1983, Chris earned his PhD at the University of Vermont, where he first learned about Axiomatic Design (AD) in a visiting lecture from Nam Suh. Chris then spent four years in the Materials Department at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.  Subsequently he was a senior research engineer working on product and process research and design at Atlas Copco's European research center, where he sued AD. Since the fall of 1989, Chris has been on the faculty at WPI, where he started teaching AD in 1990.  Chris has published over a hundred and fifty papers on AD, manufacturing, surface metrology, and sports engineering. He has patents on characterizing surface roughness, friction testing, and sports equipment. He also developed software for surface texture analysis.  He currently teaches graduate courses on AD of manufacturing processes, and on surface metrology, and undergraduate courses on manufacturing and on skiing technology.  He also consults and teaches courses for industry, on AD and on surface metrology.

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