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Be Well Together Day

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Be Well Together Day will provide opportunities to reflect, relax, reconnect, and reenergize as individuals and as a campus community—it will be a day for listening to and connecting with each other. The focus is largely on our students and ways we as a community can support them—and, of course, ourselves and one another. 

There will be no classes and no non-critical lab work on November 2. Faculty are asked to reconsider due dates for any assignments given the day prior, if possible, and principal investigators are asked to do all they can to manage critical lab work thoughtfully to allow everyone at least a portion of the day away from duties. To help faculty and staff take a pause, please try to schedule no meetings on this day. 

Please plan to participate—in whatever way serves you best—in a variety of activities and discussions on campus; lunch will be provided, and virtual activities will be offered as well. Planning is underway; additional details will be provided soon.

To help The Mental Health and Well-Being Task Force better plan for lunch, please answer this one-question survey indicating whether you plan to attend.


Tuesday, November 02