Chemical Engineering Colloquium Series: Dr. Tom Jarvi, Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
12:00 pm


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Energy Storage Technology and Deployment to Enhance Renewable Power Penetration

Dr. Thomas Jarvi

Lockheed Martin Energy

Significant cost reductions continue to drive the increasing deployment of solar and wind power generating capacity.  To counteract the variable output of such renewable power systems, much attention is being focused on energy storage systems.  Cost reduction and technological advances are enabling battery storage to address the power variability issue.  This talk will describe the recent increases in renewable power on the electricity grid, explain examples of battery storage providing cost-effective services today, and give some insight into how advanced storage technology is expected to enhance the utilization of renewable power.

Dr. Thomas Jarvi is Director, Energy Storage Product Development for Lockheed Martin Energy, with overall responsibility for development of the Company’s products including both Li-ion and flow battery technologies. Sponsored by Chemical Engineering and the WPI Office of Sustainability

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