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Critical Conversations: Artificial Intelligence, Our World, and You

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
6:00 pm
Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, WA
United States

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - a system’s ability to collect and interpret data, to learn from data, and to use those learnings to achieve specific goals and complete tasks – is at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and is transforming every aspect of our global society. From healthcare to business, climate change to entertainment, defense and education, AI is changing our world and how we interact with it and each other.

While AI is simplifying and enhancing many aspects of our lives, the technology does not come without its issues. Many have concerns about privacy, data collection, and the impact on workers who could potentially be displaced by the technology. Regulation and oversight will be imperative to ensure that the technology isn’t being abused, and it is important to consider the ethical implications of this emerging technology.

WPI alumni and researchers are at the center of it all.

Join us for this special event, hosted by Michael Wallent ’91, corporate vice president of Enterprise Mobility Management Products for Microsoft Corporation, where a panel of WPI alumni and faculty will discuss the possibilities and ethical implications of AI and how we can harness its potential to be a force for good.

Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: The Kalaloch Room in Building 35 of the Microsoft Corporation Main Campus - 3940 159th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Due to security measures at the Microsoft campus, advanced registration is required.


About Our Host

Michael Wallent works at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington and is the Corporate Vice President of the Enterprise Mobility Management group. His team develops services to help companies manage employee use of PCs and mobile devices. Michael joined Microsoft in 1996 and worked on Internet Explorer, Windows and Windows Server.

Michael lives in Seattle with his wife Anh, and kids Peri, John and Daniel. Even though he’s been in Seattle for more than 20 years now, he’s a die-hard Pats and Sox fan (root for where you are from!). Michael grew up mostly in Rhode Island, where his parents taught him about east coast perseverance and how to quickly clean lobsters. He’s often found in the mountains, spending time with skis and friends.

Michael graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1991 with a B.S. in Computer Science.

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