CS Colloquium: Synthesizing Compositional Structures, Professor George Heineman (WPI)

Friday, September 13, 2019
11:00 am to 12:00 pm
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Synthesizing Compositional Structures

Professor George Heineman, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Fuller Labs #320


Much of Computer Science is concerned with designing things: programs, architecture, algorithms, even proofs can be seen in that light.  An alternative strategy is to assemble more complicated structures from combinations of prefabricated parts. All too often, the search space grows exponentially large; worse, in some circumstances, the size of the search space is defined by the power tower, or:

a­­k=a^(a^(⋰^a ) )/k

Where the value a is repeatedly raised (k times) to the ath power. A recent and growing area of research is the study of crowdsourcing involved in design, which relies on groups of interacting users (over time) that rapidly converge on an optimal solution. We present a case study of composable structures and engage in a discussion of whether the resulting structures are stable.

Professor Heineman is an Associate Professor with the Computer Science Department at WPI.