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ECE Graduate Seminar Lecture by Nele Mentens, Professor, Leiden University and KU Leuven (via Zoom)

Wednesday, December 01, 2021
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
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Security Challenges and Opportunities in Emerging Device Technologies: a Case Study on Flexible Electronics



While traditional chips in bulk silicon technology are widely used for reliable and highly efficient systems, there are applications that call for devices in other technologies. On the one hand, novel device technologies need to be re-evaluated with respect to potential threats and attacks, and how these can be faced with existing and novel security solutions and methods. On the other hand, emerging device technologies bring opportunities for building the secure systems of the future. This talk gives an overview of the minimal hardware resources that are needed to build secure systems and discusses a case study on flexible electronics on plastics.



Nele Mentens

Professor, Leiden University and KU Leuven



Nele Mentens is a professor at Leiden University and KU Leuven. She was a visiting researcher at Ruhr University Bochum in 2013 and at EPFL in 2017. Her research interests are in the field of configurable computing and hardware security. She was/is the PI in around 20 finished and ongoing research projects with national and international funding. She serves as a program committee member of renowned international conferences on security and hardware design, such as NDSS, USENIX Security Symposium, ACM CCS, Asiacrypt, CHES, ESORICS, DAC, DATE, FPL and ESSCIRC. She was the general co-chair of FPL'17 and the program chair of EWME'18, PROOFS'18, FPL'20, CARDIS'20, RAW'21 and VLSID'22. She is (co-)author in over 100 publications in international journals, conferences and books. She received best paper awards and nominations at CHES'19, AsianHOST'17 and DATE'16. Nele serves as an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, and IEEE Security and Privacy.


     Host: Professor Fatemeh (Saba) Ganji