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A&S Faculty Lightning Talks

Friday, April 16, 2021
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
A&S Faculty Lightning Talks

As part of the 2021 A&S Spring Science Week, faculty from the School of Arts & Sciences will give 5 minute lightning talks about their research and scholarship.


Moderator: Craig Wills, Professor & Department Head, Computer Science 


  • "Black Squares, White feminists & Performative Activism" - Lindsay Davis, Assistant Teaching Professor, Humanities & Arts: 
  • “Bringing the Light Inside the Body to Perform Better Surgery" - Loris Fichera, Assistant Professor, Robotics Engineering
  • “Bridging Biology & Computer Science to Engage High School Students in Solving Real-World Problems” - Elizabeth Ryder, Associate Professor, Biology & Biotechnology
  • “Understanding the Aha! Moment of Insight" - Stacy Shaw, Assistant Professor, Learning Science and Technology
  • "Collaborative Policy Design and Evaluation" - Alex Smith, Social Science & Policy Studies
  • "Bridging the Gap Between Molecular and Cellular Biology with Mathematical Models" - Samuel Walcott, Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences
  • "Flow Coupling Between Active and Passive Fluids Across Interfaces of Compressed Active Droplets" - Kun-Ta Wu, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • "Mathematics and Statistics Role in Development of the Next-Generation Treatments for Severe Psychiatric Illnesses" - Ali Yousefi, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

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