Fall Virtual Career Fair: Sept. 17-30

Thursday, September 17, 2020 to Wednesday, September 30, 2020
12:00 pm to 3:00 pm


There is still space in some upcoming career fair sessions. To register, please contact Jaime Dillon at jldillon@wpi.edu.   


WPI will be holding a Virtual Career Fair series across six dates in September. Each fair will feature students from all degrees and disciplines and is ideal for employers looking to fill full-time, internship, and co-op positions. The goal of multiple sessions is to limit the number of organizations at one event and will allow for our employer partners to select the date(s) that works best for their recruiting calendars. We will be using the Brazen platform for our fall virtual career fair series, which will provide you with the ability to have 1:1 text chats with students, 1:1 video chats with students if you schedule them in advance or invite them to video during the text chat, provide live or pre-recorded presentations, on top of other helpful features you can customize for your organization's booth. All of these aspects of a virtual fair can help you find highly qualified talent in a remote environment. The ease of access using the Brazen platform and the data that you will receive on your candidates will be tremendously useful!

Career Fair Dates

September 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30 @12-3pm

Registration Process

More information and registration can be found here. In order to formally register, you must sign in, or create an account, in the Handshake platform. From the homepage, click "fairs" and then search for "WPI Fall Virtual Career Fair Series.” Please note this Handshake form is for Registration only. The event itself will take place in the BRAZEN platform. You will receive information on how to set-up your booth in Brazen at a later time. Registration and payment deadline is 9/10/2020 at 11:59pm.

Registration Options/Cost

The cost to attend one of these virtual fairs is $350. For organizations that wish to attend more than 1 date and obtain additional recruiting access, branding, and engagement during the fall semester, the CDC will is offering four distinct Employer Recruiting Passes. These passes are designed to bundle traditional recruiting and branding engagements with clearly defined deliverables, expectations, and price points. Click here for an overview of the various passes.

If you have questions regarding the available pass options or want to discuss your organizations recruiting strategy in more detail, please contact our office at 508-831-5260 or cdc@wpi.edu to speak with a member of our employer relations team.

How can I learn more about the Brazen Career Fair platform?

Please visit the Brazen Resource page for more information on how you would use the platform:


The CDC will be hosting a Fall Virtual Career Fair series across six dates in September utilizing the Brazen platform. All dates are for students and alumni from all degrees and disciplines seeking a full-time job, internship, co-op or part-time experience. Companies will be signing up for the date that works best for their schedule, while other companies may attend multiple days. Therefore, each fair will consist of a mix of different companies and we recommend checking out each date in advance to see who is attending.

The career fair is an opportunity to present yourself virtually through chat and video dialogue with potential employers, as well as take part in viewing their live and/or pre-recorded presentations.

Join the event in Handshake to get an email notification and receive updates regarding the event. While you can RSVP in Handshake, you will need to register in the Brazen platform to be able to participate.  

9/17: https://app.brazenconnect.com/a/wpi/e/4vjbg

9/22: https://app.brazenconnect.com/a/wpi/e/a7n6b

9/23: https://app.brazenconnect.com/a/wpi/e/4qWOP

9/24: https://app.brazenconnect.com/a/wpi/e/48xJM

9/29: https://app.brazenconnect.com/a/wpi/e/Xb9kM

9/30: https://app.brazenconnect.com/a/wpi/e/GlK6n

For a detailed article on attending an event in Brazen, please check out this article.