Family Weekend 2017: Family College Session 1

Saturday, September 23, 2017
10:30 am to 11:20 am


Floor/Room #: 
Olin Hall 107, Salisbury Labs 115 or 104

Choose from one of the educational sessions offered.
Feel free to attend with your student.

  • Opportunities for Projects Around the World ~ Olin Hall 107
    Global Projects Program
    Worcester to Windhoek, Boston to Bangkok, DC to Denmark. Learn about the various opportunities WPI students have to complete degree required projects. The IQP and MQP will be decoded and demystified. The application process and qualifications will be discussed.
  • Academic Support and Programs for First-Year Students ~  Salisbury Labs 115
    Connie Aramento, Academic Advising
    Academic planning is an important component in your student's educational success. This session is designed to provide you with information about resources and programs available at WPI that can assist your student in planning their educational career.
  • Tea Sets and Tyranny: Politeness and Public Life in Early America and Today ~  Higgins Labs 218
    Professor Steve Bullock, Humanities and Arts
    Long before current fears about incivility in public life--before anxieties about Twitter shaming and cable-news name-calling--politeness was very much on the minds of American leaders. Eighteenth-century leaders like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin considered politeness an essential part of a free society, a part of the larger project of challenging authoritarian rule. Drawing upon Professor Bullock's new book, Tea Set and Tyranny, this session considers why civility seemed so important in early America--and why it seems so problematic today.


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