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Great Problems Seminar Poster Drop-Off Day

Friday, December 09, 2022
Floor/Room #: 

Posters must be made in PowerPoint.  Please do not use any third-party software such as Google Slides, Canva, etc.  Posters made in third-party software may have issues that will slow down or stop the printing process.

Poster should be 36" x 48" either horizontal or vertical.  Pre-sized PowerPoint slides may be found on the ATC's Poster Printing Canvas site which can be found by going to and searching for "ATC Poster Printing."  Please select the action "WPI ATC Poster Printing Resource Site."  You will find the slides under the "Design and Templates" page.

The online portal for poster submission can also be found by going to the  Again, search for "ATC Poster Printing."  Please select the action "WPI ATC Online Poster Printing."

Posters should be printed on glossy/satin paper.

Posters will be paid for by the GPS Program.  The fund is 110. The cost center is 1087.  Please use the default spend category of 1272.

Ellen Lincourt
Phone Number: