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Innovation for Impact

Thursday, February 03, 2022
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Innovation for Impact is a series of events that has WPI engaging with academia, industry, and government partners to foster a conversation on ways to collectively create value and advance economic impact. 

Join this event to hear about some exciting new developments at WPI’s Seaport location. WPI has partnered with Innovation Studio, the Roxbury, MA based non-profit organization that manages and operates District Hall, to turn the Seaport location into a vibrant hub of entrepreneurial activity. You will learn about new free events that will be offered at the location as well as how WPI will be hosting a whole new audience of entrepreneurs that will get exposed to WPI and its resources.

Additionally, you will hear from three CEOs of companies that WPI is involved with: Sports Engineering, Bright Feeds and Nemedio.  Their exciting journey and connection to WPI will be presented.

Finally, this event will give you a brief look at Unity Hall, WPI’s newest building combining teaching and research in the “smart world”. 



About Innovation Studio

Innovation Studio activates free live and virtual programs and spaces, creating impactful and inclusive pathways to collaboration .Their mission is to make  innovation, entrepreneurship, and business ownership attainable through an empowering and inclusive network of community spaces and individualized pathways.  Innovation Studio strives to be the home where aspiring individuals are encouraged to grow their ideas into successful businesses. Learn more at


6:30–6:35 pm


Kola Akindele, Assistant VP - External Relations & Strategic Partnerships, University Advancement, WPI

6:35-6:55 pm

Innovation Studio/District Hall Boston and WPI Seaport Partnership Program

Daniel Enriquéz Vidaña, President Innovation Studio and Ashley Medeiros, VP Program Strategy & Partnerships 

6:55–7:25 pm

Startup showcase

Sports Engineering, Dan Richards

Bright Feeds, Jonathan Fife

Nemedio, Sabrina Varanelli

7:25-7:30 pm

Closing Remarks

Wole Soboyejo, Senior Vice President and Provost, WPI

Rachel Roy