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Materials Science and Engineering / Manufacturing Science Graduate Seminar

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Jim Makuc received his degree in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.  During his career he has worked primarily in the materials industry serving semiconductor, inkjet, purification and energy storage applications.  He began his career at Hyperion Catalysis, a startup pioneer in Carbon nanotubes, working on demonstrating performance in many different applications. Jim then spent 12 years at Rohm & Haas working on materials for semiconductors, focused primarily on Photoresist and Anti Reflective Coatings.  He spent the last 16 years at Cabot Corporation working on carbon black and activated carbon applications for multiple business units. Jim has held positions in engineering, technology development, supply chain, operations, plant management, marketing and business management. Jim recently retired from Cabot Corporation and his role as Vice President and General Manager of the Energy Materials business unit focusing on additives used in Lithium Ion and Lead Acid batteries.

Abstract: Creating a successful business in an emerging market requires more than just a product and desire.  There is a significant difference in just participating in a market and being a significant player that adds value to your customers. Understanding the market (customers and competitors), technology (current and future trends) and an objective look at your own internal strengths and weaknesses is critical in developing the right strategy.  In this talk we explore how one company surveyed the space for carbon conductive additives used in Lithium Ion batteries and came up with a business strategy focused on technology, global presence and internal supply chain to create a Right to Win for this high growth market segment


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