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Mathematical Sciences-Colloquium-Chaozhen Wei (WPI) "Nonlinear modeling of active mechanics in growing biological tissues"

Friday, March 26, 2021
11:00 am to 12:00 pm
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via Zoom

Speaker: Chaozhen Wei (WPI)
Title: Nonlinear modeling of active mechanics in growing biological tissues 

Abstract: Understanding the mechanics of growth and morphogenesis in living tissues has been a subject
of intense interest but remains an open problem. Mathematical modeling of active tissue mechanics is
challenging due to the nonlinearity of the mechanical stress in the presence of large prestrain, and its
coupling with force-generating and dissipating activities. We develop a generic nonlinear elastic model
for describing the mechanics in soft compressible tissues, accounting for active tissue growth dynamics,
constriction, and adaptive rearrangement. The linearized model analysis reveals the multi-timescale
behavior of tissue in the competition between growth, constriction, and rearrangement. We then
perform numerical simulation for the full nonlinear system considering the local growth rate coupled
with biochemical factors and mechanical cues within a 2D radially symmetric tissue region. The results
show the nonlinear effects of tissue mechanics that the elastic properties and rearrangement rate can
regulate tissue size and tissue size control sensitivity via mechanical feedback mechanisms.

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