Mathematical Sciences-Colloquium-Giovanna Guidoboni (Univ. of Missouri) "Physically-based modeling for a virtual laboratory in systems biology"

Monday, March 25, 2019
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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Giovanna Guidoboni- University of Missouri

Title: Physically-based modeling for a virtual laboratory in systems biology


Physically-based models combine fundamental principles of physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and scientific computing to provide qualitative and quantitative assessments of the mechanisms governing the behavior of complex systems. The utilization of physically-based models to study living systems helps disentangle the interaction among coexisting (often competing) factors acting across multiple time and length scales, thereby providing a powerful, synergistic complement to experimental and clinical approaches.

This talk presents particular applications where physically-based models provide quantitative methods to (i) interpret hemodynamic data acquired noninvasively in the eye to diagnose and monitor diseases of the eye and beyond; (ii) assess macroscale consequences of ocular hypotensive medications acting on the ion exchange at the cellular level; (iii) design sensors for a passive, unobtrusive monitoring of cardiovascular health; (iv) augment data-driven approaches for the analysis of large datasets. These examples show how the synergistic combination of different approaches across disciplines allows us to connect information across scales (from ions to organs and back) and develop a virtual laboratory where multiple scenarios can be simulated, conjectures can be tested and new hypotheses can be formulated.