Mathematical Sciences - Seminar on numerical methods "Vertex models of epithelial tissue mechanics - application in notum morphogenesis" by Min Wu (WPI) - Stratton 306

Thursday, March 22, 2018
11:00 am to 11:50 am


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Seminar on Numerical Methods

Min Wu

Vertex models of epithelial tissue mechanics - application in notum morphogenesis


ABSTRACT:  Cell-based models provide powerful computational tools for studying the mechanisms underlying the morphological dynamics of biological tissues. An increasing amount of quantitative data with cellular resolution has paved the way for the quantitative parameterization and validation of such models. Out of the cell-based models, vertex models have been used to study a variety of processes in epithelial tissues (sheets of cells). Recently we implement the vertex model in the quantitative analyses of live imaging of the Drosophila dorsal thorax during metamorphosis and suggest a novel mechanism that can generate contractile forces within the plane of epithelia – via cell proliferation in the absence of growth. In this talk, I will talk about both the results of this study and the state of the art of the vertex models and their numerical implementations.

Thursday, March 22, 2018


Stratton Hall 306